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Chair’s Corner
by Dale Weeks

Hello Government Division! We continue to grow our division beyond our recently achieved milestone of 1,200 members. This is a quick summary of what we accomplished during our 08-09 ASQ year and what we have planned for the next 12 months, beginning July 1.

A. Our Division Profile:

First, let me highlight the general, overall profile of our division membership as it stands today. Please note the following:

Top 10 States for Membership – Virginia, California, Florida, Maryland, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.
Provinces of Canada – Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario (46 members!), and Quebec.
30 + Countries Involved – United States, Canada, Bahrain, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Israel, Qatar, UK, Japan, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, Cyprus, Switzerland, Norway, India, Denmark, Hong Kong, Greece, Slovenia, Belgium, Trinidad Tobago, China, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, Macau, Germany.

As you can see, it is a global world out there for all of us—with close to all 50 states represented along with 30 or more countries! Make sure you take advantage of this continual broad basis for best practice sharing and exchange. We are here to help each other. (read the rest)

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Editorial Commentary
by Howard Schussler

These are exciting times! I’ll say it again: These are exciting times! I realize you may be thinking, "This guy must have had a few martinis or been hit in the head." Sure, times are difficult right now. We’re in a deep, nearly global recession. It has become too common to hear about incidents of terrorism. Banks are unstable. War and the threat of war is affecting every corner of the planet. Labor relations have become almost entirely adversarial, with unions contesting every issue without regard to the economy or organizational survival and management seeking to marginalize or eliminate the unions. In the United States, the state of the infrastructure is dire with no great vision for improvement in view at the moment. I could go on but I'm fairly certain we all get the picture.

From difficulty comes great opportunity (read the rest)

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Featured Articles

Articles are stored in the Government Division Library. You will need your membership number and password to log on. Call ASQ at 800-248-1946, if you need help logging on.

CMT Benchmarking: Listening to the Voice of the Customer Since 2002, the Institute for Citizen-Centred Service (ICCS) has been providing benchmarking opportunities to CMT users from a broad range of service areas and across all levels of government.

2009 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure The Report Card is an assessment by professional engineers of the nation’s status in 15 categories of infrastructure.

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New Information and Events

An Evening With Dr. Deming

These YouTube videos are a nice call to action for the quality profession, and a good reminder about Dr. Deming’s teachings.

First, there is a clip from Mike Micklewright from a program he does where he portrays Dr. Deming. Mike really does a good job capturing the voice, cadence, and style of Deming’s talks.

Enjoy! Visit

Next are three documentary style clips:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

What are You Reading?

Strategic Planning References
Recommendations from ASQ Government Division Members

Here are some resources suggested by the Performance Management Director from Kings County, Washington: 

Strategic Planning for the Public and Not for Profit Sectors & workbook by John Bryson

Creating Public Value: Strategic Management in Government by Mark H. Moore

Strategic Planning for Non-profit Organizations, Michael Allison and Jude Kaye

The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning, Mintzberg

Selling the Dream by Kawasaki

Strategic Planning – What Every Manager Must Know by George A. Steiner
The Free Press: A Division of Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc., 1979

Future Search from Weisbord and Janoff

Strategic Planning for Public Managers by James L. Mercer

Creating High-Performance Government Organizations (Jossey-Bass Nonprofit and Public Management Series) by David Osborne (Foreword), Mark G. Popovich (Editor)

The Northbound Train by Karl Albrecht

Trying Hard is Not Good Enough, by Mark Friedman

Balanced Scorecard for Government and Nonprofit Agencies by Paul R. Niven

Harry Hatry’s books (not specified)

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Member Services

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