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The Toyota Kata - Does it have application in Government

Abstract: The “Toyota Kata” is heralded by some as the next new thing in quality, because its focus is to teach leaders and workers how to change, rather than to follow pre-set rules about how to conduct process improvement. Its focus is to “change one thing at a time,” and to pick the correct “target condition” to set process improvement targets, from a variety of possibilities from Lean or other practices. Our leadership dialogue webinar will review this new twist on quality practices, and will invite participant discussion on whether (and what) application it might have for quality practitioners in government. Join us on July 30 to learn, question, and share.

Presenter: Richard E. Mallory is a Principal Consultant and Senior Project Manager for CPS Human Resources Consulting, of Sacramento, CA. Mallory specializes in performance measurement, program analysis and organizational evaluation. He specializes in government practice, and has spent over 25 years as a senior government executive, consultant and performance coach. He is chair of the Government Division Leadership Council.

Keywords: Process Improvement

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