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The Art of Waste: Losing the Farm--recorded webinar

Abstract: The US Federal Government has been continuously engaged in combat on multiple fronts, with the economic front being no less dangerous than the geopolitical. The concept of “doing more with less” is tragically akin to the saying “polishing brass on the Titanic” (the whole thing is going down), and yet it is a primary response that continues to materialize across Federal organizations. Specifically, the United States Federal Government suffers from POOR VISION, and this involves (but is not limited to) three principal categories:

1. Strategic SNAFU: Hindsight is NOT 20/20 2. Stakeholder Sightlessness 3. Process Perceptibility and Resource Reality

Surprisingly (to some), re-organizations are NOT the answer. Using examples from Lean Acres: A Tale of Strategic innovation and Improvement in a Farm-iliar Setting (Quality Press), we will explore these challenges and the Continuous Performance Improvement methodologies and tools that can be used to address them.

Keywords: Government - Webinar

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