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Translated Certification Exams

ASQ offers all of our certification exams worldwide in English. In addition, several of the certification exams have been translated into Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, and Portuguese. Visit the ASQ certification web page for more details or to apply for an exam.

Certification Exams in Spanish

Download the certification application in Spanish (PDF, 142 KB). If applying for the Six Sigma Black Belt examination in Spanish, please use this affidavit (PDF, 42 KB).

Certification Exams in Mandarin

Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE) offered in Mandarin in China only.

Certification Exams in Korean

Certification Exams in Portuguese

Download the certification application. (PDF 336 KB).

Download the Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Affidavit.

View all available translated exams, dates and locations here.

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