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Risk Mitigation Tool Kit

September 13, 2021  |  Virtual Event

Leverage organizational strength to combat uncertainty

Organizations that successfully mitigate the risks survive, thrive and become resilient in the process, strengthening customer relationships, supply chain partners and corporate cultures. Contemporary uncertainties such as those generated by current context of pandemic, digitization, geopolitical issues, automation, changing compliance landscape, supply chain issues and increasing market competitiveness can introduce high levels of risk to organizations, exposing enterprise-wide vulnerability to people, processes, and technologies.

ASQ Risk Mitigation Tool Kit offers a foundational approach to not only understanding and applying key risk mitigation strategies to control and prevent errors but to leveraging organizational strengths and come out on top in uncertain situations.

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Three modules are comprised of streaming presentations followed by live Q&A offering a chance to explore in-depth best practices and concepts and align them with your own organization. 

10:00 AM CST – 12:00 PM CST
Module 1: Foundations of Risk Management

This session offers an overview of risk-based thinking and risk intelligence and provides insight into establishing an appetite for risk. Through a series of presentations, case studies and perspectives from leading standards organizations, attendees will understand the link between quality and risk management, including ISO applications, business continuity strategies and risk process facilitation.
Topics include:
  • Risk-based thinking and risk intelligence
  • Linking Risk Management to Quality Management: ISO 9001 and Risk
  • Expansion/ Case Study by Paul Simpson, Chair ISO TC 176
  • Risk Attitude and Appetite/Crisis management and business continuity management
  • Risk Process Facilitation
  • Case Study/Expansion by Adam Brooks, FDA
  • Module 1 Closing: Looking back to look ahead: Deming, Juran and Ohno philosophies through a Risk Lens
  • Audience Q&A

  • 1:00 PM CST – 2:00 PM CST
    Module 2: Defining/Distinguishing Risk Mitigation Tools

    Building upon the framework of Module 1, this section examines tools and processes that can be applied to optimize an understanding of and approach to risk mitigation. Common terms and concepts will be explored, along with uses and limitations of indices and other measurement instruments.
    Topics include:
  • Understanding Risk mitigation, modification, and treatment
  • Use/System/Process/Design FMEA   
  • Uses and Limitations of Risk Indices, Matrices and Heat Maps
  • Tools and Models
  • Layers of Protection (LOPA)
    Hazard Analysis
    SWOT and other models (PESTLE, Scenario planning, 5 forces) for strategic risk identification
  • Audience Q&A

  • 2:15 PM CST – 4:15 PM CST
    Module 3: Contemporary Topics in Risk Management

    The Risk Kit presentation concludes with a discussion of applying risk management strategies in a current environment that includes a global pandemic, an evolving healthcare industry, supply chain disruption and advances in Industry/Quality 4.0.
    Topics include:
  • Risk-based decision making in practice
  • Risk Management and risk resilience in a COVID-19 and post COVID-19 age
    Case Study: Hospital experience/ healthcare risk management in COVID times by Mary Reich Cooper MD JD, Connecticut Hospital Association
  • Risk Culture and a Strategic approach to risk management
  • Supplier and Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Case Study/ Expansion by Mike Ford, Avetta
  • Risk in Industry 4.0
  • COVID Success Case study
  • Profile of organization which dealt with COVID and came on top (Pfizer, J&J, Moderna, Baldrige award winning hospitals)
  • Audience Q&A
  • Conclusion