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Medical Mondays

November 9, 16, 23, and 30, 2020

ASQ's Quality in Healthcare Series

Series Overview
Wow - 2020 brought even more challenges for our medical community. Even before the impacts of this year, quality has been increasingly essential to patient well-being, process improvement, financial performance, and the ability to respond quickly and effectively to crises. COVID-19's impact upon hospitals, nursing homes, labs, device manufacturers and the entire healthcare industry will be far-reaching and long-lasting. The commitment in your workplace has evolved into an urgent mission to ensure quality is a clearly defined and deeply incorporated into every aspect of an organization. What is the path to quality excellence?

In November, ASQ's Medical Mondays Series offered insights into how quality professionals in healthcare and medical fields can:
  • Respond to crises and navigate the current COVID-19 environment via effective quality practices 
  • Meet and exceed marketplace expectations among healthcare users
  • Implement critical elements of an effective healthcare Quality Management System 
  • Define and initiate key patient and staff safety standards 
  • Apply robust process improvement, lean and Six Sigma methodologies and change management techniques to ensure sustainability 

  • This first-ever, fully virtual event offered a safe, convenient, and unique opportunity to explore essential and emerging strategies, tools, and perspectives to drive excellence through quality in the medical community. We know your schedule can be unpredictable. Therefore, all material has been recorded and is now available for all pre-registered attendees. 

    Each Monday attendees joined their peers online for a robust and timely assortment of live panel discussions, on-demand sessions and curated resources including articles, case studies and white papers. 

    ASQ will provide 1.3 RUs for the Medical Mondays series. Please keep a copy of your registration confirmation as proof of participation in this event as a Recertification Activity for inclusion in your Recertification Journal. RUs are provided to individual registrants only.
    Series Theme

    November 9: Quality in Healthcare

    In healthcare, quality professionals strive to provide optimal care while improving the systems within which they work. Fundamental to their role is the pursuit of staff and patient safety, ensuring that any treatment, process, or protocol helps rather than harms. In this opening keynote presentation, attendees will hear from a leading expert on the role quality plays in assuring effectiveness, efficiency, equity and access to medical systems and solutions, and how today’s quality community can meaningfully contribute to the essential mission of care.

    November 16: Managing Essential People and Practices in an Uncertain Healthcare Landscape

    This week’s emphasis on a comprehensive approach to staff and patient safety includes a discussion of the sobering balancing act facing quality practitioners in healthcare: Effectively lead teams and organizations to ensure systematic improvement, ensure best patient care practices, support the physical and  mental health and safety of all staff and meet myriad challenges caused by workforce reductions.

    November 23: Applying Technology to a Rapidly Changing Healthcare Environment

    One of the biggest contributors to medical industry transformation is technology. The ability to layer AI into analytics offers precision not possible even five years ago. Virtual trials reduce risk and increase reach. Smart phones bring trials to the patients instead of vice versa. Innovation and cost control are at the center of these benefits, and this week’s focus helps attendees make the connection between quality processes, data, change management and more.

    November 30: The Big Pivot: Responding to COVID-19 With Quality Measures

    As the COVID crisis played out across the globe, it became clear that organizations with agile management systems were better prepared to respond to disruptions the virus. In this week’s collection of sessions, attendees will explore how innovative solutions in manufacturing, supply chain, transmission tracking and healthcare Quality Management Systems can provide solutions to the current crises, and help the medical industry prepare for future ones.