ASQ - Energy and Environmental Division

Service Award Recipients

  • 2011 Greg Allen - For dedication to the Division through ongoing significant service as the Sustainability Conference Chair.
    Ron Fitzgerald - For dedication to the Division through ongoing significant service as the Conference Treasurer.
    Dave Cole - For dedication to the Division through ongoing significant service as the Oil and Gas Committee Chair.
    Tom Koepp - For dedication to the Division through ongoing significant service to the Conference Committee as Exhibits Chair.
  • 2009 Tom Kartachak, EED Past Chair, In appreciation and recognition of his outstanding technical and financial leadership as EED Chair.
  • 2007 Shirl Furger; For many years of outstanding support to the ASQ Energy and Environmental Division Officers, Division Council, and Committees and dedication to the quality profession.
  • 2006 Tom Kartachak - for outstanding “designated and pinch-hitting” in all Division and ASQ National activities, conferences, meetings, and commitments.
    Keith Aleckson - for dependable and accurate management of the Division assets and budgeting activities.
    Saied Gouda; for years of insightful leadership and management of the education, newsletter, standards, training, and Division program activities. (Retiring Vice-Chair Administrative Services)
    Michael I. Gilman - for undying and positive support and accountability for Division direction, assets, and protocol while volunteering as membership chair after many, many years of active service (Leadership Appreciation Award).
    Greg Merkel; for chairing and hosting the annual Division conference in his own backyard (33rd National Conference Chair 2007).
  • 2005 Mike Gilman (Conference Service Award)
    Ray Vurpillat and Freda Monk
    Ray Crawford and Tom Mudge (Chairs of Design and Construction)
    Jeff Worthington (EED Past Chair)
  • 2004 James Hill;For long term support in ASQ EED national conferences and Chair of the Nuclear Power Production Committee.
    Greg Merkel;For long-term support to the Division in administration, national conferences, and technical committees.
    B.W. (Ben) Marguglio (Conference Service Award); For dedicated outstanding leadership as Chair of ASQ EED 2003 National Annual Energy and Environmental Conference.
    Charles H. Moseley;For commendable and sustained leadership in Division standards administration.
  • 2003 John Dew, 2002 National Division Conference Chair
    Gary Johnson, 2003 ASQ ISO9000/14000 Conference Chair
    Tom Koepp, Conference Service Award
    Mike Gilman, 2001-2003 Division Chair(presented by J. Worthington)
  • 1999 Milton Kowaleski, Ron Geoffrion, Gary Johnson, Mike Ross, Bob Hartstern, John Dew, Susan Diamond, Mike Gilman, Don Krisha
  • 1998 Ken Rose, Frans De Waard, Gary Johnson, Mike Ross, Ray Vurpillat
  • 1997 Dick Trigilio, Joe Paluzzi
  • 1996 Bob Viens, Doug Brown
  • 1995 Mike Ross
  • 1994 Elizabeth Branch, Wes Scarbrough
  • 1993 Don Sayre
  • 1992 Dan Wolfe, Susan Zimmer, Bill Ireland
  • 1991 Esther Coulombe, A.M. Sastry
  • 1990 Owen Gormley, Kris Baumann, Bill Faith


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