ASQ - Energy and Environmental Division

Quality in the Environment Award Recipients

  • 2007 Cherry Ann Francis-Lau, Caribbean Institute for Quality
  • 2006 Gary Johnson -for representing the Division in national ASQ meetings and international Environmental Management system Technical Committee 207 meetings, and for providing U.S. Environmental Protection Agency foresight.
    Terrell Horne-for continuing support of international environmental educations and standards improvement in collaboration witht he Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean Institute for Quality and ISO TC 207.
  • 2004 Marcia Davies and US Army Corps of Engineers Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste Center of Expertise – “For international leadership and collaboration in environmental engineering and science and improving environmental quality.
  • 2003 U.S. Army-Chemical Materials Agency
  • 2002 Environmental Protection Agency Quality Staff
  • 2001 Organization-National Biosolid Partnership Individual - Ann Roscrance
  • 1999 U.S. Air Force Center Environmental Excellence
  • 1998 Turkish Electrical Industries, Inc.
  • 1997 Joseph Dunbeck
  • 1996 Joe Cascio

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