Quality in Primary and Secondary Education

Quality in Education on ASQTV™

Why Quality in Education?

We are all interested in quality in education. The future of our country and the world depends on our children and college students receiving the best instruction.

Using the framework of quality in our school districts, we can design roadmaps for continuous improvement. When educators understand what continuous improvement is all about, they gain confidence that they can shape and alter the nature of their schools. Change is possible!

ASQ Integrates Quality and Social Responsibility in Primary, Secondary, and Higher Education (PDF, 250 KB)
SR and quality tools strengthen your triple bottom line — social, economic, and environmental. Leverage them to help your students, your employees, and your institution as a whole.

Quality Resources:

Free "Real World of Engineering" Webinar for Kids and Parents
In an effort to change this career trend, ASQ created a webinar to show kids and parents what you can do as an engineer. It's cooler than you know!

No Child Left Behind Act

The federal No Child Left Behind Act requires all states to:

  • Set high standards of achievement.
  • Create a foundation of teaching methods that work.
  • Create a system of accountability to measure results.

ASQ can help you meet these requirements and improve the quality of education in your district or school.

Common Quality Issues in Education

ASQ Integrates Quality and Social Responsibility in Education. (PDF, 251 KB)