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Quality Approaches in Higher Education, Vol 6, No. 1

by Cudney, Elizabeth A

Quality Approaches in Higher Education Vol. 6, No. 1 (February 2015), connecting Quality and Higher Education.

This journal is sponsored by the ASQ Education Division...

  • Filetype: pdf
  • Publish date: 2015-02
  • Keywords:Quality Approaches in Higher Education, Assessment/Surveys, Continuous Improvement, Learning Outcomes, Online Classes, STEM, Lean/Six Sigma/DMAIC, Student Support, Educational Quality, Teaching Quality

Closing the Feedback Loop: Hearing the Student Voice in Course Quality

Article in Quality Approaches in Higher Education, Vol. 6, No. 1

by Hixon, Emily; Buckenmeyer, Janet; Barczyk, Casimir;

Quality Approaches in High! er Education Vol. 6(1), 2015 article. This article addresses understanding student perceptions of design quality of face-to-face and online courses at a Midwestern public university...

  • Filetype: pdf
  • Publish date: 2015-02
  • Keywords:Quality Approaches in Higher Education, Teaching Quality, Educational Quality, Online classes, Assessment/Surveys
Open Access

Exclusive Q&A: Career Ready

by Schmidt, Megan; Archer, David

David Archer, a radio frequency engineer, tells the Higher Education Brief that he created an online technical education program after he recognized that many recent graduates entering his field lacked core skills and knowledge...

  • Filetype: pdf
  • Publish date: 2014-08
  • Keywords:STEM, Careers in Quality, Continuing Education, Higher Education Brief, Online Classes, Basic Quality
Open Access

Case Study: Application of Blended Learning in an Engineering Simulation Course

by Artis, Sharnnia; Allen, Theodore; Allam, Yosef; Afful-Dadzie, Anthony;

Quality Approaches in Higher Education Vol. 4(1), May 2013 article by Theodore T. Allen, Sharnnia Artis, Anthony Afful-Dadzie, and Yosef Allam. The research was conducted at The Ohio State University. This case study documents the transition of an undergraduate software laboratory from face-to-face only instruction to a blended-learning model motivated, in part, by instructor cost savings. To assure quality in learning outcomes was preserved, we implemented the transition using a randomized experiment. Participating students were randomly assigned to blended (treatment) and traditional (control) groups. Performance was measured by pre- and post-knowledge assessment and quizzes. Attitude was measured by the results of a survey administered at the end of the course. The results show that students’ performance in a purely face-to-face instructional class was not significantly different from that based on a blend of online and face-to-face instruction. In addition, the blended type had signifi

  • Filetype: pdf
  • Publish date: 2013-05
  • Keywords:Quality Approaches in Higher Education, Online Classes
Open Access

Beware of MOOCs

by Schmidt, Megan

Gerry Canavan, an assistant professor in the English department at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI, shared his concerns about this new wave of e-learning with Higher Education Brief in this exclusive Q&A article. He said MOOCs are an ineffective medium for learning and that they de-skill and de-professionalize academia.

  • Filetype: pdf
  • Publish date: 2013-03
  • Keywords:Innovation, MOOCs, Online Classes
Open Access

A MOOC with a Mission

by Schmidt, Megan

MOOCs have been recognized as a potential low-cost and effective way to prepare the large number of students that need remedial coursework before they can take college-level math and science. In this exclusive Q&A article, Robert Hoar, a math professor at the University of Wisconsin—La Crosse, discusses the role of MOOCs in academia and shares details about the successful math MOOC offered by the university.

  • Filetype: pdf
  • Publish date: 2013-03
  • Keywords:Online Classes, MOOCs

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