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Easing the Pain of Organizational Change

This article provides guidance on how to create a systematic process for change..

  • Filetype: doc
  • Publish date: 2006-01
  • Keywords:Change Management

Six Sigma Overview and Its Application in Educational Institutions

by Ali, Syed W.

Six Sigma's pedigree can be traced to TQM adn SPC, it is differentiated from these earlier approaches by the bottom-line focus and intensity of its application...

  • Filetype: doc
  • Publish date: 2005-10
  • Keywords:Lean/Six Sigma/DMAIC

Training an Overview

by Dew, John

This article examines the use of training as a key ingredient in safeguarding organizations against significant quality, environmental, health and safety problems..

  • Filetype: doc
  • Publish date: 2005-10
  • Keywords:Training

Are You a Right Brain or Left Brain Thinker?

The concept of quality is envisioned in different ways by different people because people process information and conceptualize situations in a variety of ways..

  • Filetype: doc
  • Publish date: 2005-10
  • Keywords:Leadership

What Game is Your Team Playing?

Team-building facilitators at Lockheed Martin have had significant success with new processes to improve the performance of teams in a variety of group settings...

  • Filetype: doc
  • Publish date: 2005-10
  • Keywords:Teams

Quality Assurance in Education

This paper provides an overview of quality assurance in higher education..

  • Filetype: doc
  • Publish date: 2005-10
  • Keywords:Quality Assurance

The State of Quality in Higher Education

Whilethe number of higher education institutions with formal improvement initiativesremains small, progress is definitely occurring at community colleges,private colleges, regional universities, and national research universities...

  • Filetype: doc
  • Publish date: 2005-10
  • Keywords:Quality Management

Procedure Writing

Procedures play an important role in safeguarding against quality, environmental, and health and safety problems..

  • Filetype: doc
  • Publish date: 2005-10
  • Keywords:Process Management

Integrity in Education Part 1

Integrity in education is an important topic today. as it is a critical aspect of society that impacts how people will react or do react to multiple situations...

  • Filetype: doc
  • Publish date: 2005-09
  • Keywords:Leadership
Open Access

Koalaty Kid Club Handbook

by Casey, Lou Ann; Charles, Kristie

This handbook contains lesson plans for many basic quality tools. In addition, it provides an example of how to organize a Koalaty Kid Club in your school...

  • Filetype: pdf
  • Publish date: 2005-08
  • Keywords:Basic Quality, K-12, Quality Tools

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