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About the ASQ Education Division

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Who We Are:

The ASQ Education Division informs and networks on knowledge and best practices related to Quality in Education. Our members are educators, administrators, and quality professionals throughout the world at all education levels (primary, secondary, higher education, and in the workplace).

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Our Vision:

Shape the Future through Quality in Education and Professional Development

Our Mission:

To promote networking worldwide on quality in education, including K-12, Higher Education and Workforce Development. 


Our Guiding Philosophy:

We think of Quality in Education in two ways:

  • "QUALITY in Education" - Attaining excellence in the education system by monitoring key performance indicators and performing the strategic and tactical work necessary to meet goals and improve continually
  • "Quality in EDUCATION" - Integrating quality leadership, thinking, concepts, and skill areas in K-12, higher education, and workplace curricula and classrooms


Our Approach:

We have established three areas of emphasis for quality in education: K-12, Higher Education (including community colleges) and Workplace Development and Training. With each one of these areas, we support ASQ's global transformation initiative and ASQ's social responsibility movement.

Best practices include the Baldrige Education Criteria, Lean Six Sigma and quality standards related to education.

The Education Division is holding steady with approximately 1,200 members. The Division Leadership Team works to ensure member satisfaction by evaluating and acting on responses to the annual Voice of the Customer surveys. The division publishes two periodicals: the open access, peer-reviewed Quality Approaches in Higher Education and the Workforce Development Brief.  Also published is the Division bi-annual newsletter, QED News.

The Education Division supports and participates in ASQ's World Conference on Quality and Improvement and the National Quality Education Conference (NQEC).  


How to Participate in This Division:

Conference Presentations on Quality Assurance in Education

Members of the division are encouraged to submit presentations for ASQ's World Conference on Quality and Improvement (WCQI) conducted in May of each year and National Quality Education Conference (NQEC) conducted in November of each year. There also are selected opportunities for our members to serve as reviewers and/or moderators at these conferences. Watch for announcements on the ASQ website and in e-mail messages to ASQ members for calls for paper reviewers and proposals. Notices are distributed soon after the conclusion of each annual event. 

Contribute Information to the Website

Members are encouraged to actively participate by populating this Web site with information and ideas and attending our conferences. Here are some suggestions:

  • Network through papers in our online library, webpage links or announcements
  • Send us papers or presentations on effective practices, success stories, or reports on outcomes of improvement initiatives in education.
  • Send us Web page links and a sentence or two explaining the site’s value to education improvement. All members (in particular ASQ local Section leaders) are encouraged to send us ideas and examples from their communities on how using quality methods and ASQ education resources can help transform educational practices.
  • Submit announcements—short newsy items of interest to our members
  • Submit title, date, location, topic, and contact information for events of interest to Education Division members. 

All information may be submitted by clicking on the "submit content" button or e-mail to

Volunteer for an activity

Check out our Get Involved page for current ways in which you can help the Education Division.

Participate in Discussion Boards and Social Media

We now have open access Education Division, Workforce Development, and Baldrige in Education Discussion Boards (see the ASQ Communities) and a LinkedIn ASQ Education Division Member Group. Please feel free to participate. We are on Twitter at @ASQ_EduDiv. We have a Quality in Education blog with Becky Martin and a Lean Six Sigma blog with Norma Simons (see the left tabs).

Publication of Articles on Topics Related to Quality in Education

The division now has two publications, the Workplace Development Brief and the peer-reviewed Quality Approaches in Higher Education. In addition, the division publishes the division newsletter, QED News, which includes articles contributed by members. It is published in the spring and fall of each year. Please contact the division newsletter editor, Mandy Ellis, for publication guidelines and deadlines. We also advise and participate with the publication of the ASQ Primary-Secondary Brief and ASQ Higher Education Brief. All articles from the Briefs can be accessed from the division's online library.


Selected members of the division have served on the technical review committee for ANSI/ASQ Z1.11-1996 Guidelines for the Application of ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9001 to Education and Training Institutions," "ISO 10015 (Rev. ASQ Z.1.11 -2002," and ISO 10015 - Quality Management Guidelines for Training - 200." Members are currently working on the ISO version of Z1.11. You can contact the division's standards representative, Craig Johnson, to learn more about these activities.

Get Involved Now

Education Division leaders are committed to creating a community in which members can network with and learn from others about the issues of greatest interest and concern. We believe there are many activities here to get involved with and we invite your participation! Our leadership team is listed on our leadership page.  Your feedback and suggestions always are welcome. Just contact our division chair, Fernando Padro, if you have any questions.

We invite you to join our division


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