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Gesture-Based Software Development with Undergraduate Teams

Abstract: This paper is authored by Trudi Miller, PhD, Anthony Ellertson, PhD and Amod Damle, PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. The paper is included in the Proceedings for the ASQ 2012 Advancing the STEM Agenda Conference at UW-Stout July 16-17.

Undergraduate professors in computing often find it difficult to bring 'real world' projects to their students. Many undergraduates aim to work in industry and value hands-on development of software and the challenges it brings. As faculty, we search for opportunities to work with industry partners who have a plausible idea, but lack either the software expertise or resources to complete development. Faculty also struggle with bringing successful business models into the classroom that help students understand their role as emerging professionals, but which also meet the needs of an academic experience.

In pursuit of these experiences we have found applied research grants to be excellent opportunities to bring industry and the classroom together. Further, to meet the rigorous schedule that projects like these often require, we have also found it useful to draw from business models found in digital agencies. Digital agencies are work environments involving teams of developers and designers who coordinate wide skill sets in the creation of complex projects. The implications of this experience for other computing faculty are that the creation of a talented team of seniors can be used to simulate a real world work environment while performing work of use to industry partners.

Keywords: STEM - Conference Proceedings - Higher Education Brief - Educational Quality - Partnering

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