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ASQ Quality Engineer Exam Workshop

The pass rate for all ASQ exams is determined to a large extent by the knowledge level of the body of knowledge.   However, failure to understand what the person who wrote the question is looking for in an answer is equally important.  This 8-hour workshop discusses the various areas of expertise tested in the exam and test taking techniques.  Selecting the correct answer requires a thorough understanding of what the question is asking.  Sample test questions in the body of knowledge are analyzed, the answer selected, and discussed to understand why the correct answer is correct, and more importantly, why the wrong answer is wrong.

The course includes the Quality Engineer text book and workshop handouts and test questions.  Participants will take practice portions of the exam in preparation for the CQE exam.

If you are an ASQ ECD member.  Please contact Marion Bize or Charlie Plotkin to discuss.

When:  TBD (8 hours)

Cost: $199 per person

Instructor:  Instructor, Gerry Sherman, ASQ ECD



Risk Based Assessment/Auditing Work shop

Risk based thinking challenges an organization to analyze its risks in order to plan for effective management systems (quality, reliability, etc).   Emphasis on leadership and commitment from top management to take accountability for the effectiveness of the risk based assessment is also important. This risk focuses on objectives as drivers for improvements, and related planning needed to achieve the goals.  This workshop discusses the various methods for assessment and auditing.

  • Learn how to get the most of your time by prioritizing your efforts and focusing on where the problems are
  • Understand how to deal with risks that materialize by having contingency plans
  • Learn how to better identify risks by viewing them from multiple perspectives


The course includes Quality Auditor textbook and workshop handouts and test questions.

When:  TBD (8 hours)

Cost: $250 per person

Instructor:  Instructor, Gerry Sherman, ASQ ECD




On-Line Certification courses
You can now obtain refresher courses on-line to aid you in preparation for an American Society of Quality (ASQ) certification examination. These courses are offered by California State University -Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) as a natural adjunct to their Master of Science in Quality Assurance program. Students enrolled in the MSQA program will receive certificates in each of the disciplines subsequent to completion of the review courses coupled with three associated courses from the MSQA program. However, you need not be enrolled in the MSQA Program to take these courses ........ read on.

It is important to note that these are stand-alone refresher courses, open to the general public.

You do not need to be enrolled in the MSQA program to take a refresher course or to take a maximum of three Masters level courses in Quality. The course syllabus for each of the refresher courses was developed to satisfy the Body of Knowledge (BOK) from the specific certification. The Los Angeles section 0700 of ASQ (ASQLA) will provide those students that take each course with RUs in keeping with the length of each offering, typically 3.0 RUs.

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