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Following are a few articles from the Fall 1999 edition of the ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATIONS DIVISION Newsletter, "CONTINUITY", edited by David Rivera.

If you are an E&CD member and did not receive this newsletter please let David know by phone, fax, or email. If you are not an E&CD member, but would like to join, just call ASQ at (800) 248-1946 and tell them that you want to join the Electronics and Communications Division.

Issue 116 Fall1999

Notes from the Editor

The clock is ticking and we are rapidly racing toward a new millennium. But the Division will take on a new look with a new name as we embrace the new year. We also welcome Chuck Wissinger, Vice Chair, Membership and Internal Affairs and Terry Travers, Proceedings Chair to the Division.

Neil Pedersen, ED Chair, has dished up the Minutes from the November 12, 1999 Meeting to spark your interests, while Roy Babel, Speaker's List Coordinator would like you to focus on the improved Speaker's List form, then complete the form and send it in.

Of course, there is Woody Rabon, Internet Chair,who would just love to have you visit the ECD website and tell him what you liked the most about the website or what you think it might need. Henry Kling, Expert's List Coordinator, has a stable full of experts who can help with just about any quality questions or problems you might have.

Jack Isken, ECCB Liaison, is back with another report from the ECCB. Many of the survey and order forms have been updated. Plus, you can now advertise in this newsletter, details can be found below.

The ASQ Electronics Division held a Council Meeting, 12:30 - 1:30 PM CST, Friday November 12, 1999

Confirmed Division Chair appointments to Division Council:
Secretary - Dawn Onalfo
Vice-Chair, Membership and Internal Affairs - Chuck Wissinger
Auditing Chair - Myron `Mike' Wilson
Examining Chair - Allan S. Golant
Nominating Chair - Lowell Tomlinson
Strategic Planning Chair - Don Williams
The By-laws, Program, and Publications Committees are Standing Committees with no Chair at this time.

Confirmed Division Council approval of bylaw changes (GTC consent ballot on Saturday, November 13, 1999).

Discussion and voted to approve the proposed Electronics and Communications Division logo.

Conference Planning Update
RAMS - January 24-27, Los Angeles, CA
Electronics Division Council Meeting - Sunday January 23, 1-2 p.m. PST
Regional Councilor Meeting -Sunday January 23, 2-3 p. m. PST
Strategic Planning & Marketing Meeting -Sunday January 23, 3-5 p.m. PST
Electronics and Division Booth - January 24-27

AQC-May 5-7, Indianapolis, IN
Electronics Annual Business Meeting - Sunday May 7, 3-4 p.m. CDST
Regional Councilor Meeting - Sunday May 7, 4-5 p.m. CDST
Strategic Planning & Marketing Meeting - May 7, 1-3 p. m. CDST
Electronics and Communications Division Booth - May 8-10
Electronics Division Session - Tuesday May 9, 9:30-11:30 a. m. CDST
"What you would like to know about IS09001 and TL9000"

Submitted by,
Neil Pedersen

Electronic Component Certification Board Report

The Electronic Component Certification Board (ECCB) recently held its semiannual Fall meeting. A major focus of activity continues to be on the work of the recently established international Avionics Work Group (AWG). The AWG has progressed two of three basic documents to a point where they will shortly be released for ballot. These documents cover Electronic Component Management Plans and Electronic Component Reliability Plans with emphasis on the avionics industry needs. A pilot evaluation of the Plans is currently being scheduled by the Board's Supervising Inspectorate with Honeywell. Present timetable calls for completion of balloting and release of the plans as Standards by the end of calendar 2000.

The ECCB, as the US member of IEC's certification management committee for electronic components has been urging the international body to make several of its key documents available to the world at no charge from its website. In order to offset the revenue loss associated with this move, the ECCB has made a significant voluntary contribution, over and above its regular dues. These documents can be accessed at

The PhotoVoltaic project is progressing in conjunction with the PhotoVoltaic Global Acceptance Program (PV GAP). Since the emphasis of this program with World Bank sponsorship aims at third world countries, training participants at those locations is essential. This is currently being undertaken with the sponsorship of PV GAP.

The Board heard a proposal on remote access auditing as an electronic method of reducing the onsite follow-up audit costs. As is the case with many programs, a balancing of interests is essential. On the one hand, the concept clearly represents an opportunity for a reduction in the costs of follow-up audit for quality system registered companies and on the other it raises the possibilities of loss confidentiality by providing third party remote access to internal documentation. A working group was established to look into the viability of the concept.

Activity at the international level is progressing on merger with the competing European regional system. A significant boost was given to the Joint Task Force looking into the details of merging by the decision of the parent European body directing the regional system to prepare to be completely self-supporting within a two year time frame.

Message from the Chair-Elect

Hi everyone! There are some exiting times ahead for the Electronics and Communications Division as we start the new millennium. Yes, I did say "and Communications Division." A few of the new and exciting things happening in the new millennium are the ISO 9000/2000 changes and the implementation of TL9000.

Division Management has processed the paper work required for a division name change. The new division is soliciting ASQ members from the Electronics, Telecommunications and Communications industries to come join us.

With this change we will establish a new ASQ home and provide volunteer positions for people participating in the QUEST Forum, and other communications industries as well.

The QUEST Forum consists of approximately forty Telecommunication service providers and suppliers (TL9000).

The Division is looking forward to enhancing, arranging and supporting technical conferences and training programs that interest division members.

The ASQ Graphics department is working hard to come up with a new Division Logo, and as we speak a marketing plan is being developed. Much work has been accomplished with the help of Sandford Liebesman, Thomas J. Scurlock, Jr., of the QUEST Forum as well as Brian J. LeHouillier and Jenna Villarreal of ASQ and Division Management.

Many thanks.
Ray Klotz

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