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Following are a few articles from the Spring and Summer 1999 edition of the ELECTRONICS DIVISION Newsletter, "CONTINUITY", edited by David Rivera.

If you are an ED member and did not receive this newsletter please let David know by phone, fax, or email. If you are not an ED member, but would like to join, just call ASQ at (800) 248-1946 and tell them that you want to join the Electronics Division.

Issue 114/115 Spring/Summer 1999

Comments from the Chair

There are two outcomes I'd like to communicate to you from the annual business meeting and other work completed at the 53rd Annual Quality Congress (AQC). But first I'd like to invite you all to the 54h AQC in Indianapolis at the beginning of May 2000. Plan on attending and get it into your budget. It provides a great opportunity to network with other Quality professionals and provides exceptional opportunities to expand your knowledge including the offering of pre- and post-conference tutorials. This year's Congress once again demonstrated ASQ's ability to organize and deliver a quality product to its customers.

The first outcome of the annual meeting is that the Electronics Division (ED) Council has addressed the financial reality of our declining membership. The only way to provide the existing level of services to our membership is to raise our annual dues from $6 to $9. The Council approved the increase and it will be submitted to the General Technical Council (GTC) and ASQ Board of Directors for approval before the end of the year. If approved the change would be in the renewal letters sent out in the Spring. We are under tight budget constraints for the next year and are considering what measures to take. Several traditional expenses such as the Hospitality Suite at AQC will be cut and we are considering electronic distribution of the newsletter, CONTINUITY, and charging shipping and handling for Proceedings to cut publishing costs. Once in place the increase should allow us to expand services again.

The second outcome is that the Division will be moving forward to expand our charter to include the Communications Sector. Electronic communication continues to expand at a phenomenal rate. Many of our members and their companies have moved from a narrow "hardware" discipline toward less well-defined markets and business models where software and service become a major success factor. The ongoing development of the TL9000 standard for telecommunications also offers the Division a golden opportunity to serve ASQ members who have no clear choice among the current Divisions and Interest Groups. The Council is moving forward to change our bylaws. You'll hear much more over the next year as we implement plans to serve new constituents while increasing service to our current members. That's all until we connect again.

Neil Pedersen

The Electronics Division held a Council Meeting during The International Symposium on Product Quality and Integrity (RAMS), at the Washington Hilton and Towers, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST, Sunday January 17, 1999.

The following is a list of those who participated in person or via teleconference.

Ronald Edwards Vice Chair, Publications
Phil Ernst Treasurer
Steve Kanellos Secretary
Anisia Kowalchuk McDermond Award Chair
Dawn Onalfo Vice Chair, Membership & Internal Affairs
Neil Pedersen Chair
Woody Rabon Awards Chairs
Lowell Tomlinson Immediate Past Chair
Bill Trappen RAMS Conference Liaison
Jenna Villarreal GTC Administrator

Technical Activities:
Bill Trappen reported on progress with AQC `99. The session track is set for Tuesday afternoon. The speakers have been chosen and two of the three presentations were submitted. All three speakers are graduates of the MSQA program at the University of California at Dominguez Hills.

Neil Pedersen reported on his participation in the 1st China-US Quality Conference in November 1998 and stated he would keep in touch with those organizing the 1999 Conference to identify the opportunity for ED sponsorship and participation.

Recognition and Awards:
Lowell Tomlinson reported that the ED's three Fellows nominations were accepted. The grade of Fellow will be conferred at the AQC in May to Joel Nachlas, Jeff Vaks and Don Williams.

Electronics Division Newsletter Advertising:
The Electronics Division will accept advertising for the Division's quarterly newsletter, Continuity. The generation and enforcement of advertising guidelines are the responsibility of the Vice-Chair, Publications but must comply with the bylaws of the Electronics Division and the American Society for Quality. The advertising rates are to be approved by the ED Council and are as follows:
$425/$1500 for Single/4 Issues (Full Page)
$225/$800 for Single/4 Issues (Half Page)
$125/$450 for Single/4 Issues (Quarter Page)
$65/$200 for Single/4 Issues (Business Card)

The Electronics Division held the Annual Business Meeting at the 53rd Annual Quality Congress (AQC), 1:00 - 3:00 PM PDST, Sunday May 23, 1999.

The following individuals participated in the meeting in person or via teleconference.

Gene Bridgers


Bernie Carpenter

Region 7 Councilor

Ronald Edwards

Vice Chair, Publications

Len Ferrer

Booth A1 Golant Region 7 Councilor & Historian

Jack Isken

ECCB Liaison

Anisia Kowalchuk

McDermond Awards Chair

Dawn Onalfo

Vice-Chair, Membership & Internal Affairs

Neil Pedersen


William Trappen

RAMS Representative & AQC Session Manager

Lowell Tomlinson

Immediate Past Chair

Jenna Villarreal

GTC Administrator

Jenna Villarreal presented information on Division membership and trends. Electronics Division membership is declining similar to other Divisions. The key component of loss appears to be poor retention of new members. This is a good direction for survey information. Jenna worked with the Automotive Division to implement an email survey. The response rate was exceptional and gathered extremely useful qualitative feedback.

Publications form the biggest part of Division expenses. Several ideas were discussed including: electronic distribution (-50% of members have email), a reduced size format, going to a nominal charge of $10 for Proceedings to cover shipping and handling, mailing a response card to current IEEE Transactions subscribers to request continued receipt (current production costs are about $17 per subscriber). Ron Edwards agreed to work with David Rivera to develop a cost cutting plan.

A motion for a $3 increase in the annual Electronics Division dues was tendered, seconded, and passed after some discussion. Neil Pedersen will prepare a request to the GTC Group 1 Administrator for approval and action by the GTC and ASO Board of Directors. If approved the dues increase would go into effect with renewals for 00/01.

Jack Isken reported on the last two ECCB meetings and the progress being made to support a pilot program for photovoltaic luminary systems. These systems collect and store solar energy to provide simple lighting to help improve the quality of life in third world econonues.

For more information contact David Rivera, ECD Newsletter Editor

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