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Following are a few articles from the Spring 1998 edition of the ELECTRONICS DIVISION Newsletter, "CONTINUITY", edited by David Rivera.

If you are an ED member and did not receive this newsletter please let David know by phone, fax, or email. If you are not an ED member, but would like to join, just call ASQ at (800) 248-1946 and tell them that you want to join the Electronics Division.


In my most recent newsletter message, I wrote urging everyone to come to RAMS (Reliability and Maintainability Symposium). For reasons too numerous to mention here, RAMS came and went before you got to see those words. Prior publicity, however, was apparently effective as we are beginning to see better attendance at RAMS over the past few years. This year's gathering was certainly activity-packed for the Electronics Division (ED). Along with the full agenda of papers, panels, tutorials and exhibits, ED managed to hold a Council Meeting, A Quality Skills Computer Demonstration (thanks to Elaine Smith), a Strategic Planning Meeting, an Awards Committee Meeting, the regular joint Electronics Division & Reliability Division Dinner and even a Mini-Golf Outing. Strategic Planning Chair, Don Williams, birdied two of the first three holes and then coasted to a slim victory in the latter event.

Results of the Strategic Planning Meeting are contained in this issue of CONTINUITY. To highlight one thrust of the meeting, while all agreed that the products ED offers its membership (mainly conferences and publications) continue to represent a tremendous value, the use of their substance could be enhanced by introducing more up-to-date delivery tools. Examples include putting the newsletter on email, establishing a videotape library, offering courses over the Internet, expanding the ED Web page, providing links to other sites and scheduling chat rooms for topics of interest to ED members. The feeling is that we should be making better use of the technology that electronics makes possible. In keeping with this forward looking theme, ED will be co-sponsoring a quality conference in Beijing, China in November 1998. Check this issue for the Call Papers. Bernie Carpenter is our representative on the Steering Committee.

The ED may find moving into the future more difficult in that two of the people who have shouldered a large portion of the Division's workload are finding it necessary to cut back on Division involvement. Marilyn Rivera's most recent posts have included Secretary, Bylaws Chair and Region 11 Councilor. David Rivera has been the Vice Chair, Publications with all that entails, the Database Chair and the Region 11 Alternate Councilor. Marilyn will continue as Secretary through the end of the fiscal year and David will retain his position as Editor of CONTINUITY. ED thanks both Marilyn and David for their hard work and numerous contributions to the success of the Division during the past decade.

Filling out the unexpired portion of David's term of Vice Chair, Publications will be Ronald R. Edwards, a longtime ED Member from Galveston, Texas who serves on the ED Editorial Review Board. His name will also be on the Spring ballot for that position along with Joseph Rogers (Chair), Neil Pedersen (Vice Chair, Technical Activities), Dawn Onalfo (Vice Chair, Membership and Internal Activities), Steve Kanellos (Secretary) and Phil Ernst (Treasurer).

Assuming that this issue of CONTINUITY reaches you prior to the annual Quality Congress in Philadelphia 2-6 May 1998, let me remind you that ED members are welcome to attend the Pre-conference Golf Outing (Saturday), the ED Council/Annual Meeting (Sunday), the ED/RD joint Dinner (Monday), the ED Session on Sector-Specific Quality Standards (Tuesday), the ED Hospitality Suite (Anytime) and the ED Booth (look for the ED banner in the Exhibit Hall). For more details and for ED planning purposes, please call me if you have an interest in any of the gatherings listed above. Call 610-712-6743 or 610-868-8724.

See you at the ASQ Annual Quality Congress in Philadelphia!

Lowell H. Tomlinson
ASQ ED Chair, 96-98


For those of you who just tuned in and skipped over the Chair's Message, I resigned as the Vice Chair, Publication in January. I have taken this action due to an increasing workload that has doubled since last July and now includes frequent trips away from home. I will continue as the Newsletter Editor and the Database Chair for ED. I thank the ED Board Members, both past and present for their support and cooperation over the years. I especially want to thank the membership for its support as well. I look forward to some exciting growth and expansion of the ED and hope the membership will continue to support and embrace the incoming leadership.

A New Feature...

Having said that, I invite you to read a new feature called Web's Worth on page 5 which list some "cultural" websites that have virtually nothing to do with electronics or quality. Actually, these are quality artists spanning different mediums - glass, ceramics, fabric, etc. The purpose of Web's Worth is to invite and encourage the membership to share some of its favorite websites that are not necessarily electronics-related or quality-related. After all, we all have other interests, endeavors or hobbies outside of electronics and quality. Here's your opportunity to share those interests with other members. Who knows, you just might find another ED member or two who has the same interests as you! Oh, and by the way, if you just happen across a really neat quality or electronics website, we'll print that too!

Email and the Newsletter...

Plans are under way to begin sending this newsletter via email, since a little more than 46% of the membership have email addresses. There are still some formatting and technical issues to be resolved before large scale emailing begins. I hope to have these issues resolved by the Summer or Fall 1998 issues. In the meantime, please complete the Electronics Division Survey on page 15.

The advantages of email are obvious, if not profound, but then again, so are the disadvantages. First, email is a quicker, less-expensive means of "sending" the newsletter. Second, the frequency of the newsletter could be increased to a monthly or weekly rate. However, there remains a need for a "printed" newsletter, because not every member has an email address. Further, not all software is created equal, nor are all email system created equal. The size and format of email can create "delivery" problems.

Electronics Division Survey

The following survey was included in the Spring 1998 Electronics Division Newsletter, CONTINUITY. We ask ED members to repond to these surveys so that the Division leadership can try to provide better services at reduced costs to our members. If you are a member of the Electronics Division and did not receive your newsletter, please feel free to print this Survey, fill it out, and mail it to David Rivera, Editor of CONTINUITY.


Do you receive the newsletter at ___ Home? ___ Work?
Do you receive duplicate copies of the newsletter? ___ Yes ___ No ___ Sometimes
Does it arrive in good condition? ___ Yes, always ___ Not always ___ Poor condition most of the time


Should the division offer a 5, 10, 15, 20, etc. year recognition/anniversary award? ___ Yes ___ No ___ Maybe
Do you attend ___ Local section functions? ___ AQC? ___ ED sponsored workshops/seminars?
Do you feel you get your money's worth from this division? ___ Yes ___ No ___ Sometimes
Would you prefer to receive this newsletter via email? ___ Yes ___ No
If so, how often? ___ Quarterly ___ Monthly ___ Weekly


Do you know what region you live in? ___ Yes ___ No ___ Not sure
Do you know who your regional councilor is? ___ Yes ___ No ___ Not sure
Does your regional councilor provide speakers" programs at your local section? ___ Yes ___ No ___ Not sure
Have you ever contacted your regional councilor? ___ No ___ Yes
Has your regional councilor ever contacted you? ___ No ___ Yes


Should the division permit advertising in the newsletter? ___ No ___ Yes
If so. What type and how much?

Thank you. Please mail this survey to:

David L. Rivera
PO. Box 2190
Newport News, VA 23609-0190

Spring Issue 1998
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