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Do I need to apply separately for participation in any of these curriculum programs?
No, there is no separate application necessary to participate in any of these programs.

What if I've already taken some of these courses? Do they apply towards completion?
Yes. If you have taken any of the courses within your curriculum area since July 1998, they will apply toward completion of the curriculum program. All you need do is send us a copy of the Certificate of Completion you received after attending the course.

Will ASQ track my progress on this?
No. You will be responsible for tracking your own progress similar to the way members track their re-certification units. A Curriculum Tracking Form is available to download and print to help you with this.

Is this a prerequisite for ASQ Certification?
No. These programs were created to help provide people who may have responsibilities for quality functions within their organizations with a plan for professional development. Completion of any of these curricula does not substitute for any requirement set forth in the various ASQ certification applications. These curricula are designed and put together to give people a "roadmap" to acquire knowledge pertaining to a particular quality function.

If I complete one of these, what do I get?
After submitting your completion document and having it verified by the ASQ Learning Offerings Workgroup, we will send you an attractive plaque, which you can display. You will also be able to say that you have completed these courses in the area of professional development.
* Course requirements subject to change

Why should I do this?
Following any of these curriculum guidelines will be of benefit to your professional development in the area of quality. It gives you a path to follow for growth. It is by no means intended to be all encompassing, but it reflects ASQ's current training opportunities that relate to the selected professional competencies. Certainly, other reading, local ASQ Section training programs, and ASQ Divisions provide additional chances to gain professional competence.

Will I be better able to pass the certification examinations after completing a particular course of study?
ASQ can make no guarantees or promises about your ability to pass the certification examinations. These exams require work experience along with theoretical understanding of concepts and working knowledge of process and tools. Getting classroom training certainly can provide understanding as can reading selected texts, study groups, and ASQ Section refresher-training programs. There is no one way ASQ recommends for preparing for its certification examinations.

These curricula were developed based on the course ASQ Headquarters currently has available in both classroom and Web-based formats. They are not meant to be all-inclusive, as other opportunities for training present themselves to members and customers from other professional organizations, other training providers, and internal company resources.