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The Customer Supplier Division of ASQ Strategic Direction

The Customer-Supplier Division of ASQ held a planning session in December of 2009. The purpose of the session was to articulate our mission, vision and values and define how we should be organized to best engage volunteers in achieving our mission and vision. 

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Member Survey

Prior to the planning session a survey of current members were completed and some of the themes of the survey include:

  • We should continue to be both customer and supplier focused
  • Members want practical, useful information
  • Members appreciate the networking opportunities derived from membership

Click here to download the survey results. (PDF, 313 KB)

Based on the survey input and our collective experiences, we formulated the following mission, vision and values for our CSD community:

The CSD Mission

 We exist to provide answers that

  • develop
  • improve
  • strengthen

Customer and Supplier Relationships.

The CSD Vision

We are recognized as the global community connecting you with the information and tools you need to create and sustain successful customer and supplier relationships.

The CSD Values

We value communication, collaboration, things that work, and fun

CSD Organizational Structure

Key to the success of the CSD is the recognition that we are a community and that to strengthen our community we must have broader participation. In order to enable that participation we’ve designed a team structure composed of the following:

  • Administration Team — manages CSD operations
  • Member Services Team — manages the membership lifecycle
  • Content Team —finds and creates content
  • Education Team (delivery team) — delivers content
  • Infrastructure Team — provides the tools and support for the community

It is important for CSD to have interaction within and among the teams. Following is a diagram showing the team structure and more detailed descriptions of the team functions.

CSD Organizational Structure – Diagram and Details

CSD Organizational Sructure

CSD Administration is the group of people that manage the operation of CSD. Current positions included in CSD Administration are: Chair, Chair-elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Audit, Awards, and Nominations. Activities include:

  • Develop and execute business plan
  • Documenting business meetings and actions
  • Directors of fun
  • Enroll volunteers
  • Managing financials
  • Nominating leaders
  • Recognition 
  • Establish partnerships with other professional organizations
  • Recruit members and volunteers

Member Services is the group that manages the lifecycle of CSD members. Current positions included in member services are: Member Services Chair and Examination.  Activities include:

  • Member Welcome
  • Manage member list
  • Member surveys (Voice of the Customer)
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Exit surveys
  • Establish programs to recruit and retain members
  • Fellow applications

Content is the group that acquires and develops information and tools that are valuable to our community. Positions included in Content: Content Chair, Publications. Activities include:

  • Stewarding SBOK 7mdash; Supply-chain Body of Knowledge
  • Identifying content to be delivered (for example: Business Continuity, Social Responsibility, Supply-chain Cultural Issues, Risk Management, ERP
  • And designing mechanisms for delivery such as (books, papers, articles, presentations, road-shows, webinars, podcasts).
  • Create templates for our community
  • Manage information repository
  • Develop certification (potential)

Education (Delivery) is the group that delivers content that provides value to our community. Current positions included in Education are: Education Chair, Newsletter Editor, Symposium Chair, World Conference Liaison. Activities include:

  • Manage the logistics of all products/services CSD delivers
  • Develop CSD leadership story
  • Identify speaking opportunities and match with available resources
  • Package and deliver content using: webinars, road-shows, symposia, podcasts, newsletter, monthly e-newsletter, videos
  • Manage a resource list to include: SMEs, books, speakers
  • Establish and manage Regional Networking/Discussion (potential)

Infrastructure is the group that provides tools that support division activities.  Current positions included in Infrastructure are: CIO. Activities include:

  • Website: structure and content refresh
  • The selection, setup, training and monitoring of tools: virtual meetings, Blogs, Discussion boards, Wikis, etc.
  • Social Networks management. Includes selecting, setup and monitoring of applications including: LinkedINTM and ASQ’s Community network.

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