ASQ - Customer-Supplier Division



We are an exciting and dynamic division of ASQ. Beginning as the Vendor-Vendee Technical Committee of ASQC, a dedicated group of authors of “How To” booklets for quality professionals, we became the Customer-Supplier Division in 1991. Since then we have been serving our members and others interested in effective customer-supplier relationships by fostering professional development and learning opportunities.  The CSD's mission is to provide answers that develop, improve, and strengthen customer-supplier relationships. Our ability to meet that mission is dependent on active participation from members. The CSD's team structure provides opportunities for members to get involved and develop their professional skills while building a more robust CSD community.
CSD is a learning community, dedicated to optimizing value in the exchange of goods and services through the customer-supplier relationship.

  • CSD does this by being relevant: we concentrate on what is needed now.
  • CSD does everything with excellence: we provide the best resources through conferences, symposia,seminars and publications.
  • CSD has fun while doing what we do.  All of us are customers and suppliers…if you’re not having fun, you are missing one of the most important parts of customer-supplier relationships.


Click on Operations and Initiatives to see our strategic plans and team structure. Our leadership team is a group of professionals focused on providing members with high levels of valuable information and opportunities to get involved. Click on Leadership for information about our team members. Some of our leaders and members have chosen to share their photo and biographical information with you. Click on Member Profiles for those details.



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