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Bringing the Best to the World means Building Smarter Organizations

Abstract: Title: Bringing the Best to the World means Building Smarter Organizations Our world is becoming more and more volatile, ambiguous and complex. But our organizations are much better at repeating what it did yesterday rather than predicting and adapting to what is coming next. These organizations stumble forward and are slow to learn. They are like zombies. The webinar presenter has 17+ years experience helping organizations become smarter. He will: • Show you the top three things organizations need to do to become "smarter," • Provide some real life examples of how to do that • Help you calculate your organization's "Z" score (to see how far gone your organization is. If you want to bring the best to the world, you need a smarter organization to do that. Bio Gordon Vala-Webb Gordon has 17+ years of experience working with organizations around the world on how they can be more innovative, collaborative, and manage their knowledge better. His book Building Smarter Organizations has just been published. Gordon is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Innovation Professionals. He holds a Masters degree in the management of technology. Gordon lives in Toronto, Canada.

Keywords: Change management - innovation - leadership - culture

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