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Culture of Quality: Establish an Environment Where Employees "Live" Quality – Webinar

In today's economic environment, new mandates to "do more with less" increase the likelihood of errors from strained employees trading off quality. Compounding this problem, customers have more information available than ever before, which accelerates both the likelihood and speed of quality issues being exposed.

Leading Quality organizations have prioritized reducing quality risks by building and sustaining a culture of quality throughout the business.

This webinar will discuss highlights from CEB Quality’s research on how leading organizations enable employees to "live" quality, rather than simply follow it. It will review key findings that include:

A model to clearly articulate a culture of quality definition and a way to measure it The pay off for effectively building a culture of quality The most important levers to establish and sustain a culture of quality A case example of how one company improved their culture of quality.

Presenter: Jenn Callaway is an Executive Advisor with CEB Quality and has spent the last 6 years advising heads of quality and their teams on how best to execute on their strategic plans. In addition to working one-on-one with executives, Jenn has authored and co-authored multiple research publications on topics including quality systems, supplier quality management, the total customer experience, and talent management, and has facilitated executive forums on topics like quality strategy deployment, communication effectiveness and culture of quality.

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I thought this was VERY insightful, giving actual measurements and real data that drives the culture of quality has always been something I've found organizations have a difficult time comprehending. Putting this into dollars of lost productivity is a great way of gaining the attention of any member of the board or executive management. I can use a lot of this information as a consultant to the medical device industry. Thank you for showing this. I would give this four stars, but it seems the site won't allow me.
--Mark Proulx, 05-16-2017
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