ASQ - Chemical and Process Industries Division


The Chemical And Process Industries Division: Out Of The Old Century, Into The New Millenium

By Norman F. Knowlden

1995 - 1996

Officers: Chair - G. K. Carter; Chair-Elect - S. J. Caffrey; Secretary - M. D. Young; Treasurer - K. K. Hockman.

The 39th Annual Fall Technical Conference, hosted by the St. Louis Section, ASQC, was held October 19-20, 1995 at the Adam's Mark Hotel, St. Louis, Missouri, with the theme: Tapping Diverse Data Sources to Improve Quality. The Local FTC Chair was Jeff Luner of McDonnell Douglas Corp. Attendance was about 300.

The W. J. Youden Memorial Address, Using On-Line Process Data To Improve Quality. Is There a Role for Statisticians? Are They Up for the Challenge?, was delivered by John F. MacGregor of McMasters University.

The Shewell Award was presented to Soren Bisgaard for his paper, Designing Experiments for Tolerancing Assembled Products.

The Frank Wilcoxon Prize went to Karen Kafader for her paper, An Application of Nonlinear Regression in Research and Development: A Case Study From the Electronics Industry.

The Jack Youden Prize went to Carol Gotway for the paper, The Use of Conditional Simulation in Nuclear-Waste-Site Performance Assessment.

The William G. Hunter Award was presented to William H. Lawton. The Statistics Division, a co-sponsor of the FTC, established the Hunter Award in memory of that Division's founder. The purpose of the award is to promote, encourage and acknowledge outstanding accomplishments during a career in the broad field of applied statistics.

The 50th Annual Quality Congress was held May 13-15, 1996, in Chicago, Illinois. with the theme: Your Passport for the Quality Journey to the Future. C&PID presented a discussion of its latest book on Specifications.

Membership has decreased. A request to increase membership dues to $8.00 per year has been submitted to the GTC.

"Let CPID be your networking source". Our chair, Georgia K. Carter, stressed the importance of networking in these days of an uncertain job market. C&PID provides networking opportunities at the Fall Technical Conference, the Annual Quality Congress, its hospitality suite at both, and its Council meetings open to the membership.

Specifications for the Chemical and Process Industries: A Manual for Development and Use, is the latest book to be written by the Chemical Interest Committee and published by The Quality Press. The Committee was chaired by Brad Brown.

The second edition of the little gray book, ANSI/ASQC Q90/ISO 9000 Guidelines for Use by the Chemical and Process Industries, 1992, will be completed under the guidance of Jim Bigelow, Standards Chair, and published in 1996 under the shortened title, ISO 9000 Guidelines for the Chemical and Process Industries, 2nd Ed.

Our Newsletter has taken on new dimensions under editor Earl Wiese. Several articles on the design of large mixed level experiments by Alonzo Church have been included.

The Division has been holding strategy meetings at the FTC and the AQC and developed Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles statements as follows:

  • C&PID Vision: Recognized source of practical, applied quality concepts and technologies for the Chemical and Process Industries.
  • C&PID Mission: A volunteer organization of quality professionals who support, promote, develop, communicate, and use practical process improvement tools and techniques for the benefit of our members.

Guiding Principles:

  1. Apply expertise in a practical manner.
  2. Conduct ourselves in a professional, ethical manner.
  3. Value individual contributions and support team decisions.
  4. Value commitment and accountability.
  5. Continue to be aware of who we serve.

Strategic planning has continued throughout the year by means of teleconferences.

Every ASQC member is assigned to a Section but membership in a Division is optional and by choice. In ASQC, the General Technical Committee (GTC) represents the Divisions. This is because the Divisions own the technical knowledge within ASQC. Technical knowledge is the reason that Divisions exist. Isn't this why you're a member of ASQC? Join a Division! Join the Chemical and Process Industries Division! We are the Division with the technical knowledge of practical applied statistics.

The Division was awarded the McDermond Award for 1994-1995 through the efforts of Dorothy Sempolinski, McDermond Chair.

1996 - 1997

Officers: Chair - S. J. Caffrey; Chair-Elect - M.D. Young; Secretary - K. K. Hockman; Treasurer - D. E. Sempolinski.

The 40th Annual Fall Technical Conference, hosted by the Phoenix Valley of the Sun Section, ASQC, was held October 24-25, 1996 at the Radisson Resort, Scottsdale, AZ., with the theme, Leveraging Data for the Quality Transformation. The Local FTC Chair was Larry Sue of Motorola Semiconductor Sector. Attendance was approximately 290.

The W. J. Youden Memorial Address, System Change and Improvement: Guidelines for Action When the System Resists, was delivered by James M. Lucas of JM Lucas and Associates.

The Shewell Award was presented to Richard DeVeaux for his tutorial, A Guided Tour of Modern Regression Methods. The C&PID Council modified the award criteria to emphasize applicability of the paper to practical problems arising in industry. This is to place focus on the customer interests of cutting edge applications for industry rather than theoretical advances. This is the first criteria change for the award since its inception in 1969.

The Frank Wilcoxon Prize went to William Q. Meeker and Michael J. LuValle for their article, An Accelerated Life Test Model Based on Reliability Kinetics.

The Jack Youden Prize went to Michael Laviolette, John W. Seaman,Jr., J. Douglas Barrett and William H. Woodall for their article, A Probabilistic and Statistical View of Fuzzy Methods.

The W. G. Hunter Award was presented to Douglas C. Montgomery.

Starting last year and continuing on are several activities in C&PID: by-laws are being updated, job descriptions of Division positions are being completed, bi-monthly conference calls are held by the Executive Committee. The CIC, led by D. C. Cobb, is undertaking a new book on measurement.

Our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Chair, Dave Files, has been very active with ANSI Accredited Standards Committee on EDI and the UN/Edifact, the International Standards Committee on EDI under the United Nations.

The Strategic Planning Chair, Herman Sahrmann, undertook an information gathering survey at the AQC. A major highlight of the survey was that ASQ but non-C&PID members stated the lack of information about the division was the reason they had not joined.

In May, 1997, the C&PID Strategic Plan was restated as follows:

Mission: A volunteer organization of quality professionals who support, promote, develop, communicate, and use practical process improvement tools and techniques for the benefit of our members and their organizations.

Vision: To become a globally recognized source of practical, applied quality concepts and technologies for the Chemical and Process Industries.

Guiding Principles:

  1. Apply expertise in a practical manner.
  2. Conduct ourselves in a professional, ethical manner.
  3. Value individual contributions and support team decisions.
  4. Value commitment and accountability.
  5. Continue to be aware of whom we serve.


  • Outreach: Improve or increase C&PID's service as a prime global resource of practical quality technologies to other disciplines and professional societies.
  • Member Involvement: Increase number of members generating ideas and leading division activities, resulting in various special interest committees and a renewed and invigorated leadership.
  • Education: Provide an effective C&PID training and education program that includes seminars, conferences and publications.
  • Recognition: Get corporate management and business schools to credit C&PID products and services for contributing to business financial success.
    • Get companies to recognize and reward employees for active C&PID involvement.
    • Encourage ASQ to recognize and reward division members for contributions made to the industry and the division, and do the same at the division level.
  • Financial: Provide the financial means to ensure that the division is capable of accomplishing its objectives,
  • Membership: Increase membership from a range of industries and regions with a significant increase in management level members. Retain members by understanding and meeting their needs.

The 51st Annual Quality Congress was held May 5-7, 1997, in Orlando, Florida, with the theme: Quality: A Vision and a View The Next 50 Years, at the Omni Rosen Hotel. The ASQC changed their name to the American Society for Quality (ASQ).

The AQC will have two C&PID technical presentations: QS-9000 Impact on Chemical and Polymers Industries by J. S. Bigelow and W. E. Cox and A Consistent Approach to Inter-Laboratory Precision by R. C. Dillow and B. S. Brown.

We have a new Newsletter Editor, Jim Stuart. We also are now "on the web" through the efforts of our C&PID Webmaster, David Thibault.

At the October council meeting the new C&PID by-laws were passed. A major change was the elimination of Regional Councilors. Also it was decided to decrease the number of issues of the Newsletter to three per year. In addition the Division has begun to hold teleconferences on an every other month basis.


Officers: Chair - M. D. Young; Chair-Elect - K. K. Hockman; Secretary - D. E. Sempolinski; Treasurer - W. H. Ochs.

The 41st Annual Fall Technical Conference, hosted by the Baltimore Section, ASQC

was held October 16-17, 1997, at the Omni Inner Harbor Hotel, Baltimore, Maryland, with the theme, Mining Data for Quality Improvement. The Local FTC Chair was Pete Kosmides of Northrup Grumman. Attendance was reported to be approximately 313.

Thirty people participated in the Beer Tasting Contest at the C&PID Hospitality Suite. Thirteen were able to differentiate between American and Canadian beers.

The W. J. Youden Memorial Address, Contexts of Statistical Practice, was delivered by Gipsie B. Ranney of Belmont University.

The Shewell Award was presented (I believe) to Joseph Voelkel, Dechang Chen and Peng Huang for their paper, Minimum Aberration Split-Plot Designs.

The Frank Wilcoxon Prize went to Harry Martz, Paul Kvam and Lee Abramson.

The Jack Youden Prize went to Bryan Olin and William Meeker.

Dr. Paul Smith has served for Awards Chair for several years. As of next year, the Awards Chair will be co-chaired by James Lucas and Brad Brown.

The W. G. Hunter Award was presented to Lynne B. Hare.

The Division Council voted to give the following committee chairs Council voting status for this year: Membership Chair, AQC Chair, CIC Chair, Publicity Chair, Webmaster, McDermond Chair, Newsletter Editor, Standards Chair, Historian/Certification Chair, and FTC Chair. This must be reapproved on a yearly basis. To quote the Chair, "We (the Division) can be no better than the people we serve and who are willing to serve."

Our Standards Chair, Jim Bigelow, is now representing the Chemical Industry on the ISO 9000 committee TC176. Through the Chemical Manufacturers Association he has become a member of CEFIC, the European Chemical Industry Council, attending meetings in Copenhagen and Rio de Janeiro. Jim, sponsored by C&PID, was named an ASQ Fellow.

J. Stuart Hunter, long active in C&PID, received ASQ's highest honor being named as its 18th Honorary Member.

The 52nd Annual Quality Congress was held May 3-6, 1998, in Philadelphia, PA , with the theme, The Quality Revolution: Adapting Methods and Processes for the Journey to the Future. C&PID presented two papers: Measurement System Analysis by David Ingram and Wayne A. Taylor and Effect of Measurement System Variability by Frank Sinibaldi.

Jim Stuart has handed over the Newsletter Editor baton to David Thibault. We now need a new Webmaster.

D. C. Cobb resigned as Chair of the Chemical Interest Committee to study for the ministry.

Membership in April 1998 was 4,210.

The 2ndedition of Quality Assurance for the Chemical and Process Industries (a.k.a. The Little Red Book) is at Quality Press. Publication is expected in early 1999.

With regret we suffered the passing of Richard C. (Dick) Hoff in April. Dick had been Chair of the Chemical Interest Committee during many of its active years and had earlier been on the Executive Council.

C&PID members James S. Bigelow and William E. Cox authored a paper, QS-9000 Issues for the Chemical/Bulk Material Industries early in 1998. Comparisons are made between QS-9000 and ISO 9001.


Officers: Chair - K. K. Hockman; Chair-Elect - D. E. Sempolinski; Secretary - W. E. Cox; Treasurer - J. Luner. Due to occupational changes J. Luner became Secretary and J. Stuart became Treasurer.

The 42nd Annual Fall Technical Conference, hosted by the Corning - Elmira Section, ASQ , was held October 22-23, 1998 at the Radisson Hotel, Corning, N.Y., with the theme: Management Analytics: Statistics, Quality, and Decision Making. The Local FTC Chair was Dorothy Sempolinski. The Division's Strategic Plan was updated to focus on four strategic "key result areas":

  • Member Involvement and Leadership Development
  • Outreach and Communication
  • Recognition and Division Awareness
  • Education and Training

The acronymn, MORE, emphasizes the theme of bringing 'more to the core' of C&PID.

A team structure has been created under each Key Result Area (KRA), each Council member is assigned to one or more KRA's, and each KRA holds a teleconference every other month. KRA membership is not limited to Council members.

The W. J. Youden Memorial Address, A Perspective on Models and the Quality Sciences: Some Challenges and Future Directions, was delivered by Douglas C. Montgomery of Arizona State University.

The Shewell Award was presented to Richard W. Andrews and Andrew J. Barnett for their paper, Measurement Error Studies Using Sequential Sampling.

The Frank Wilcoxon Prize went to Soren Bisgaard and David M. Steinberg for their paper, The Design and Analysis of 2k-p Prototype Experiments, and to Peter S. Wludyka and Peter R. Nelson for their paper, An Analysis-of-Means-Type Test for Variances from Normal Populations.

The Jack Youden Prize went to Bo Bergman and Anders Hynen for their paper, Dispersion Effects from Unreplicated Designs in a 2k-p Series, and to Don X. Sun, C. F. Jeff Wu and Youyi Chen for their paper, Optimal Blocking Schemes for 2n and 2n-p Designs.

The procedure for determining the Wilcoxon and Youden Awards is outlined in the Summer '99 Newsletter.

The Division provided sponsorship for the Annual Koality Kid Conference, April 11-13, 1999 at Kingsport, TN.

A complimentary copy of the 2nd edition of the Quality Assurance for the Chemical and Process Industries was distributed to all C&PID members.

Dave Files has become the Chemical Interest Committee Chair. Dave will see that the Measurement Book attains completion.

A new C&PID brochure has been designed and printed. Copies may be obtained from Jack Herman.

Membership in April 1999 was 3,774. Division Council meetings are held as conference calls every other month.

The 53rd Annual Quality Congress was held May 24-26, 1999, in Anaheim, CA, with the theme: Surfin' Into the Next Millennium. The C&PID Technical Session, Quality Improvement Technology in the Process Industries, was presented by the panel: B. S. Brown, K. A. Chatto, J. T. Herman and J. M. Lucas.

Dr. Montgomery, in his Youden Memorial Address, submitted several challenges for industrial statisticians to adopt a more modern approach to process monitoring and adjustment. Summarily stated , they are:

  1. Today's industrial environment is data-rich and automated. Training focus must be changed from a univariate to a multivariate approach.
  2. Designed experiments must expand to cover multiple responses and non-standard designs.
  3. Methods of reliability improvement are of major consideration today.
  4. The industrial statistician must be viewed as more than a 'manufacturing person'.
  5. ISO/QS9000 are weak statistically, leading to important activities being handled by bookkeepers and paper shufflers.
  6. The industrial statistician is not viewed as a full team member in product and process design and development work.

He cites the Fall Technical Conference as the "only truly 'joint' activity focused on the needs of industrial statisticians," and that the ASQ Headquarters and other national organizations "don't even recognize the conference". His recommendation is "for a 'new' society - a Society for Industrial and Applied Statistics."

Our Chair, Dr. Hockman, provided a response in our Newsletter, agreeing with the need for the industrial statistician to see the 'big picture' and citing her personal experience has directly involved her in product and process design and development. She also agrees that while ISO-9000 may be less than a technical approach, it has laid a foundation by putting quality systems in place, increasing the employment of statistical concepts. While discouraging the need for a new society, she does cite the need for ASQ changes such as the balance between Headquarters and the Divisions. It is time for the Divisions to "claim back the Body of Knowledge and to be accountable for being on the leading edge."


Officers: Chair - D. E. Sempolinski; Chair-Elect - J. J. Luner; Secretary - J. Stuart; Treasurer - S. R. Fronheiser.

The 43rd Annual Fall Technical Conference, hosted by Greater Houston and Clear Lake Sections, ASQ, was held October 14-15, 1999 at Wyndham Greenspoint Hotel, Houston, Texas, with the theme: Applied Statistics in the 21st Century. The Local FTC Chair was Jim Bigelow of TQM Consulting. The approximate attendance was reported to be 179.

Jim Lucas, a C&PID Past Chair and an active council member, received the Shewhart Medal at the AQC. This prestigious award is given for outstanding contributions to the science and techniques of quality control or leadership in modern quality control.

The Division instituted a new idea at their booth at the AQC, give-away pens.

The 54th Annual Quality Congress was held May 8-10, 2000, in Indianapolis, IN. with the theme: Driving World Class Performance: Teamwork and Tools to Conquer the Millennium. The C&PID Technical Session, Staffing and Deployment Strategies to Support Six Sigma Implementation: A Panel Discussion, was fielded by the panelists: Stephen Caffrey, Roger Hoerl and Patrick Meehan with Kymm Hockman as moderator.

The W. J. Youden Memorial Address, Integrity in Statistics, was delivered by David W. Bacon of Queen's University, Kingston,Ontario, Canada.

The Shewell Award was presented to Kinley Larntz and Pat Whitcomb for their presentation, Use of Replication in Almost Unreplicated Factorials.

The Frank Wilcoxon Prize went to X. Joan Hu, Jerald F. Lawless and Kazuyuki Suzuki for their paper, Nonparametric Estimation of a Lifetime Distribution When Censoring Times are Missing and to Siddhartha R. Dalal and Colin L. Mallows for their paper, Factor-Covering Designs for Testing Software.

The Jack Youden Prize went to William Q. Meeker, Luis A. Escobar and C. Joseph Lu for their paper, Accelerated Degradation Tests: Modeling and Analysis.

Check out C&PID on the Web at Our new Webmaster is Alan Juristovski. Membership in February 2000 was reported as 3264.

Level 3 McDermond recognition was accepted by the Division.

The AQC Program Chair and Session Organizer has been extended Executive Council voting privileges.

Rudy Kittlitz had the paper, Transforming the Exponential for SPC Applications, published in the Journal of Quality Technology in July.

The paper, Comparing Randomization and a Random Run Order in Experimental Design, by James Lucas, presented at the 43rd FTC, is published in the Summer '99 Newsletter. A second paper, Cross Functional Problem Solving, Using Properly Run Experiments in the Food Industry, was given at the FTC by Malcolm Hazel, our FTC Program Chair.

With regret we report the passing of Patrick P. Donnelly on June 27, 2000. He had been admitted to the hospital June 25th with a sudden illness. Pat was a Past Chair of C&PID, a past ASQ Board Member, an ASQ Fellow and remained an active participant of the Chemical Interest Committee until his unexpected illness.

Addendum - My Opinion, I may be wrong but,

In the preparation of this 5-year update of C&PID history, I had to review Doug Montgomery's Youden Lecture (Spring 1999) and Kymm Hochman's comments on it. Somewhere along the way I also picked up some remarks from Jim Lucas on the subject. Looking over my own history I would have to agree with Dr. Montgomery and maybe go a step further. In my opinion a new society, 'Industrial and Applied Statistics', may be called for; or better 'Applied Industrial Statistics'. When ASQC changed their magazine from Industrial Quality Control to Quality Progress the deterioration began, but when they dropped the 'Control' the cause was lost. The society has now become no more than a profit-making entrepreneurial business. It is going the way the Operations Research Society of America (ORSA) went for several years - promise company management that ORSA techniques will solve any and all of their problems. ORSA let academia and entrepreneurs, most of whom had never seen the inside of a plant, take over. Now ASQ has let business school academia and entrepreneurs, again most without operating experience, do the same. To quite an extent Operations Research is making a comeback. Can truly applied industrial statistics find a way to return?

If I feel some details on my industrial experiences may be of value to others in the field, I may submit some articles in the future.\

Norman F. Knowlden, Historian


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