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Women in Quality Symposium

December 8, 2022 | Virtual 

Breaking Through Barriers 

Get ready to break through barriers, embrace your power, and motivate yourself and your peers at ASQ’s Women in Quality Symposium (WiQS)!

The Women in Quality Symposium is a catalyst for networking, soft-skill refinement, and empowerment.

Join women and leaders at every stage of their quality career in exploring this year’s theme Breaking Through Barriers. This year’s event brings you-stellar speakers focused on quality, who have shattered glass ceilings and forged new paths, ready to share their wisdom and actionable insights with you. You’ll be inspired by their stories and learn how to overcome obstacles of your own.

Every year, attendees like you share how valuable the connections they make at WiQS are. This virtual event provides the perfect platform to network and collaborate with like-minded peers, without leaving your home. WiQs provides a place to foster mentorship and opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally.

Sharing your personal experiences, exchanging ideas for embracing a culture of quality, and building meaningful relationships is what makes WiQS ASQ’s most unique event.





SYMPOSIUM THEME: From Common Ground to Higher Ground

Since 2020, ASQ’s Women in Quality Symposium has provided an inclusive space for the quality community to gather, with conversations centered around ascending to new levels of leadership and making our voices heard in critical conversations about work, family, and society.  

As 2022 comes to a close, the ASQ Women in Quality Symposium reconvenes with a new focus on the synergies that propel the quality mission toward sustained excellence, and diversity that brings innovation to our organizations, families, and communities.  

Join the conversation to discuss how Women in Quality can tap into shared qualities that enhance their roles as professionals, caregivers, leaders and learners and in the process cultivate diverse, purpose-driven communities. 

Through storytelling, virtual roundtables and engaging panel sessions, attendees will engage with thought leaders for insight into: 

  • Developing into an authentic, mindful leader 
  • Supporting all womenand finding support for yourself in the process
  • Discovering the passion for purpose 
  • Fostering the new generation of quality practitioners


1 Interactive Workshop focused on:

  • Driving Performance through Self-Compassion 

3 Featured Sessions Addressing: 

  • Leadership Theory and Practice  
  • The Great Resignation’s Impact on Quality 
  • Giving Back to Women in the Quality Community  

1 Power Lunch/Facilitated Presentation on:

  • Cultivating your Best Communication Style

3 Peer-led Exchanges Detailing:

  • Resiliency and Leadership 
  • Balance, Burnout and Self-Care 
  • Hybrid Work Success: Staying Connected  

3 Interactive Networking Salons Addressing:

  • Young Professionals 
  • Mentoring Programs  
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

2023 Symposium Materials

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