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World Conference on Quality and Improvement

May 3 - 6, 2020  |  Columbus, OH   

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ASQ is concerned about the growing spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). This is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation. Because the health and safety of our members, customers, instructors, and staff remains of utmost importance, ASQ has made the decision to cancel WCQI. WCQI will not be held in May 2020. For those who have registered for the conference, you do not need to take any action to cancel. ASQ will handle the cancellation process and you have the option to have the funds held on your account for use on any other ASQ event or purchase through December 31, 2021 or be refunded. If you’d like a refund, please contact help@asq.org.

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The fourth industrial revolution is well underway, carving a digital path toward optimized, enterprise-wide data analytics, design, cloud computing, AI, machine learning, and IoT applications. The journey, however, is a long one, with only a fraction of organizations fully engaged in a Quality 4.0 initiative. For quality professionals, the opportunity to impact an organization;s digital transformation has never been greater. For organizations, the need to leverage the skills and abilities of quality teams has never been more urgent.

WCQI 2020 will inform and guide attendees in their mission to assess, increase, and leverage their expertise in the quality arena. The knowledge and insights shared at WCQI will identify how the quality professional can significantly influence transformation initiatives at the individual and enterprise level and offer the appropriate tools and strategies to affect change, increase value, and drive an organization toward its quality goal.

Focus Areas

Quality Foundations

As organizations increasingly rely on quality practices to navigate through today’s digital challenges, it is essential for attendees to have a firm grasp upon how, when, and why to apply those fundamental tools and techniques within their own teams and organization. These sessions will emphasize quality’s nuts and bolts, such as:

  • What every quality professional must know (concepts, team basics, roles and responsibilities)
  • Essential tools and terms (fishbone, Pareto, lean, Six Sigma, continuous improvement)
  • Quality systems in use (Baldrige criteria, case studies)

    The Lighthouse Series

    Explore leading-edge approaches to quality program implementation and get insight into how industry frontrunners leverage best practices, emerging technologies, and advanced statistical tools to enhance results. Topics will include:

  • Digitization and digital quality management systems
  • Big data and analytics
  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning, AR/VR
  • Supply chain
  • Emerging standards

    Beyond Technical: Driving Quality Through Soft Skills

    Without soft skills in the mix, most organizations never fully realize their potential as a quality-driven entity. A Quality 4.0 initiative supported only by technology and process will face immediate and significant implementation barriers as teams struggle with unclear objectives, lack of teamwork/leadership, and gaps in skills required for the scope of transformative work. This area of focus targets key facets that support a holistic quality strategy, including:

  • Optimizing communication
  • Leadership and engagement strategies
  • Skill gaps and upskilling
  • Team functionality
  • Change management
  • Behavior-based quality
  • Problem solving
  • Human factors

  • Sustaining Innovation

    What does it take to establish and maintain a culture of continual improvement? This set of sessions explores the tools and strategies needed to create and support an everlasting commitment to quality processes—and prepare for the next disruption. Topics include:

  • New applications in lean, Six Sigma, ISO, and Quality 4.0
  • Mapping an organization’s route to quality
  • Integrating the latest innovations and technologies into current processes
  • Identifying and overcoming data barrier
  • Knowledge management
  • Who Should Attend

    Who Should Attend

    Quality professionals looking to make a meaningful impact on their organization can’t miss WCQI 2020. Whether you are new to the quality community or bring years of experience, the 2020 agenda features thought-provoking sessions at every level, with session formats and areas of focus geared toward a variety of learning styles.

    In addition to a personalized agenda, this year’s conference features more than 100 sessions and workshops offering insights into what the new decade will bring to the role of quality professional—and how those professionals can leverage their expertise to help companies reach new levels of success. Paired with plentiful networking events and inspirational keynote sessions, WCQI 2020 offers an unmatched opportunity to connect with peers, learn from the best and brightest, and realize their impact.

    Thousands of attendees from dozens of countries come to WCQI every year to learn, grow and get inspired. Join your peers from an array of industries including manufacturing, services, healthcare, aerospace, automotive, education, government and more for a productive week of interaction and collaboration.

    2020 Conference

    Conference Location

    Greater Columbus Convention Center

    400 N. High Street
    Columbus, OH 43215


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