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Lean and Six Sigma Conference

February 27 – March 1, 2022 | Phoenix, AZ

The 2022 Program

Whether you have been in the industry for decades, or embarking upon a career in quality, LSSC 2022 can help you expend the arsenal of tools and techniques to manage project, processes, teams, and enterprise-wide initiatives.

This year’s Lean and Six Sigma Conference content is crafted to ensure that all aspects of quality are addressed. Organized under four distinct areas of focus and three specific levels of expertise, the agenda is completely customizable to help you realize your professional development goals.

Create your own curriculum! Start by downloading the Conference Program below and review the detailed session listings that includes both overall summaries and key takeaways from this year’s presentations. Refer to the Level Descriptions and Areas of Focus below for a thorough overview of conference content.

Level Descriptions
Basic: Introduces a subject, including practical and user-friendly definitions of terms. The primary focus is to bring an individual who may not be familiar with the area to a level of knowledge that facilitates further learning.
Intermediate: The participant should have some degree of knowledge of the subject. The intent is to build on an individual’s knowledge of the subject to a point of greater understanding.
Advanced: Provides an in-depth and/or up-to-date treatment of a subject. A strong theoretical background and a working knowledge of a subject are expected of those that attend.

Areas of Focus
A Quality Cure: Lean and Six Sigma in Healthcare
Sessions in this track offer real-world examples of how implementing lean and Six Sigma in healthcare has contributed to cutting red tape, preventing error, improving care, and creating cost savings.
Digitalization, Lean and Six Sigma: Beyond Business as Usual
This area of focus demonstrates how integrating digital capabilities into lean and Six Sigma frameworks can elevate organizational change, technology implementation and process standardization.
The Human Side of Lean and Six Sigma
Sessions in this focus area emphasize power and impact of these tools and provide insights into how they can be applied to manage the human side of change.
Lean and Six Sigma Essentials
This area of focus explores these foundational aspects through topics such as practical application, technical and statistical tools, and common terms and methodologies.