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Lean and Six Sigma Conference

March 1 – 4, 2021  |  Virtual   



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QI Macros® for Excel was the first Excel-based Quality Improvement solution more than 20 years ago, and it remains the most powerful, easiest to learn, easiest to use, and most affordable SPC package to implement across your entire organization. 

QI Macros® is used in thousands of facilities worldwide to track performance and reduce waste and errors. When front-line workers can track key indicators and identify potential problems this easily, Quality Improvement becomes a grassroots effort. 

At the heart of QI Macros is its easy user-friendly process: Highlight your data in Excel, select the chart or tool you need… that’s it! The software creates the chart and indicates in-control and out-of-control points automatically. Using one of the Wizards inside QI Macros, you can even let the software choose and create the correct chart for you. 

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Automating Lean Six Sigma for Results 
Draw Control Charts in Seconds 
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