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Collaboration on Quality in the Space and Defense Industries Forum

March 15 - 17, 2022  

Radisson at the Port  | Cape Canaveral, Florida

Adaptive Quality In a Dynamic World: Addressing Challenges with Managing Risks, Technologies,
and Culture 


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30th CQSDI: March 14 - 16, 2023

NASA Quality Leadership Forum (QLF)

NASA Quality Leadership Forum (QLF)


UPDATE: Collaboration on Quality in Space and Defense Industry is still being held as planned.  However, below is a note from NASA regarding the Quality Leadership Forum (QLF) from Jeannette Plante, QLF Chair, that was sent directly to all of their registered participants:


I regret that we will have to cancel the QLF scheduled for next week.  This is based on recent guidance that the NASA Office of Safety and Mission Assurance received from the NASA Administrator to limit non-mission-critical travel and to hold large face to face meetings virtually.

Please be aware that the CQSDI conference will continue to go forward as planned on Monday and Tuesday.


NASA's Quality Leadership Forum (QLF) is the only quality conference sponsored by NASA OSMA, with its focus center on NASA's quality concerns and challenges. It will be held on March 11 & 12, 2020, right after CQSDI, using the same venue at Radisson at the Port, Cape Canaveral, FL. To increase participation by NASA personnel there is no registration fee for the QLF.

The themes for this year's QLF will be requirements tailoring and management for risk tolerant missions; generating, acquiring and analyzing quality data; technical topics from NASA missions; and tools. Time will be given to facilitating discussions, professional networking, and coalition building among the attendees.

The American Society for Quality Aviation, Space and Defense Division (ASD) and NASA Headquarters Office of Safety and Mission Assurance (OSMA) team up each year to host these two back-to-back quality leadership forums. NASA OSMA and ASD coordinate to ensure that the two programs are complementary and not duplicative. These are important and unique knowledge sharing and networking events for the NASA-DoD-Contractor quality discipline community.


CQSDI Panels

Getting the Upper Hand on Your Supply Chain Through Analytics

Supply chain challenges come in different forms – some are expected, others are surprises. How can organizations reduce surprises and plan better to obtain improved control and upper hand on their supply chain through analytics? Companies capture various forms of data to measure the health of their supply chain. This panel will explore the data sets captured and what analytics and analytical tools are applied to be predictive indicators of supply chain health.

Adapting to the New Norm of Maintaining a Healthy Supply Chain

Aerospace companies face ever-increasing demands regarding supply chain performance. This panel will share information on maintaining a healthy supply chain and the path to restore a poor performing supplier back to health. We will review strategies and tools that can be used to ensure that the supply chain is healthy, robust, and with defects minimized.

Software IV&V Tools and Implementation Strategies

Acceptance of software is already difficult and complex. The Independent V&V (IV&V) rigor becomes the imperative to provide customers the confidence that the software has the quality and reliability to perform repeatedly without fail. This panel will examine innovative Verification and Validation practices, methods and techniques that are being developed, implemented and practiced by the Software Quality community to address the critical quality challenges unique to the aerospace and DOD environments that mandate the highest standards of Safety, Quality, and Reliability.

Young/New Quality Professionals and Effective Mentoring

This back-to-back two-panel session will explore the mentorship relationships between New/Young Quality Professionals (the mentees) and their mentors and the Mentorship Programs. The first group of college students and young quality professional panelists will discuss the pros and cons of their mentorship experiences. The second group of mentor and leader panelists will discuss their mentorship relationships and programs, including the strains and struggles of starting a mentorship program and the best practices of creating successful mentorship relationships.

Assuring the Mission: Balancing Requirement Reduction and Risk

Leaner, faster, more agile…the trend towards fixed-cost aerospace and defense contracts is creating an essential need to streamline design validation, testing, and verification efforts. This panel will provide a discussion of requirement reduction efforts from the perspectives of both the government and industry contractors. Topics of discussion will include risk management thresholds, contract factors that make risk more acceptable, requirement negotiation, and lessons learned for gaining full-team acceptance of the established requirement/risk posture.

Managing Risk and Compliance in Cyberspace – Standardizing and Implementing New Controls in Aerospace and Defense

Risk management, standards implementation, and best practices are nothing new to the world of quality. Evolving efforts to reinforce the security and resiliency of the Defense Industrial Base and the supply chain of the Department of Defense have seen these themes re-emerge in relation to how information is managed within and between industry players. This panel explores different perspectives in cybersecurity risk and compliance, and the potential lessons and impact from and for broader quality assurance responsibilities.


CQSDI Workshops 

Qualifying Supplier for Additive Manufacturing
Additive Manufacturing (AM) applications in the space and defense industries is off to the races! The safety and mission assurance community is still trying to wrap our arms around how we need to provide oversight and control for these types of products, especially as their application is ending up in more and more critical applications. This workshop is intended to provide valuable insight into what control requirements are being applied to the supply chain for AM and what is being done today to both qualify and oversee suppliers of AM components.

Low-Cost Small SAT Mission Assurance Requirements Execution, Industry, and Government Challenges Balancing Mission Success to Streamlined Requirements
National Defense and Civil Space programs are facing the challenge of executing missions to streamlined requirements for low cost Small SAT projects. These challenges include balancing streamlined customer requirements while assuring mission success. Join us as we explore these challenges and experiences at the satellite integration and supply chain levels. This panel will also be interactive to assure participants have to opportunity to share their experiences and lessons learned in executing low cost Small SAT programs.

Virtual Inspection/Virtual Audit Success and Failures

Join us to learn and share about effective solutions for virtual inspections, assessments and audits, associated successes, and lessons learned from practitioners from the following: pharmaceuticals and medical devices auditing/inspections, Nadcap and NASA. After presentations, a group discussion will be facilitated to enable sharing within the workshop participant group.



2022 CQSDI Forum


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