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ASQ Quality 4.0 Summit

September 28 – 30, 2020  |  San Antonio, TX

Todd McLees
Founder, Pendio Group and TENXManufacturing Ecosystem

Tuesday, November 19, 8:00 a.m.

Disrupt or Be Disrupted: Transforming Technology, Upskilling the Workforce

Digital ecosystems are disrupting traditional technology implementation, with AI, IoT, and other emerging technologies poised to impact more than half of the existing workforce by 2022. So how do we ensure that the businesses of today—and tomorrow—can effectively leverage Quality 4.0 and position their organizations for success?

Day Two of the Summit gets underway with an interactive address from futurist Todd McLees, who sheds light on the unexpected advantages these disruptions can create and reflects upon what these trends mean for the future of work. From upskilling to managing change to meeting key tech expectations, this address speaks to the need for people and companies to embrace disruption, lead innovation, and work together to maximize market advantage.

McLees is a recognized futurist and frequent keynote speaker. He appears throughout the United States to address the challenges and opportunities related to digital disruption, the exponential rate of innovation, workforce of the future, and digital ecosystems.

McLees is the founder of TENXManufacturing, an ecosystem formed in 2019. TENX is already comprised of more than 100 high-performing manufacturers, service providers, technology companies, and strategic OEMs.

Since 2013, he has led Pendio Group, an advisory services firm that helps companies positively embrace disruption to enable growth. Their strategic frameworks and collaborative ecosystems put companies in position to take advantage of unprecedented opportunities by helping them take an adaptive approach to the exponential rate of innovation.

In support of shaping the workforce of the future, McLees serves on the steering committee for HERA, the Higher Education Regional Alliance in Wisconsin, as well as the advisory board for Marquette University’s Center for Supply Chain Management. Todd also serves on the board for ADHD America, whose mission is to help children with ADHD maximize their human potential.