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ASQ Quality 4.0 Summit on Disruption, Innovation, and Change

November 12 – 13, 2018  |  Dallas, TX

Program Information

Session Format Descriptions
Concurrent Session - This standard conference format will be used to deliver sessions ranging from those providing awareness of the general changes technologies are bringing to more targeted discussions on the implications these technologies will have on the quality professional. Those looking to grow awareness, understanding and perspective on both the scope and implications of the changes that disruptive technologies are bringing.

Solution Sessions - The solution session format delivers educational sessions which also offer demonstration or descriptions of solutions that are available for those faced with the challenges that disruptive technologies can bring to organizations.

These sessions are ideally suited for participants looking for solutions and guidance to challenges their organizations are facing as a result of the digital transformation that disruptive technologies are driving.

Workshops - These extended sessions allow for more hands on and engaging activities to help explore the content being delivered in a deeper and more thorough way.

The workshop format is designed specifically for those participants looking to explore topics in a deeper and more engaging way.

Q-Talks - These TED-style talks explore the impact that artificial intelligence, robotics, and other technological advances will have on organizations as well as the future of quality and the quality professional.

The Q-Talks are intended for all conference attendees who are looking to grow awareness, understanding, and perspective on disruptive technologies.