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2017 Quality 4.0 Summit on Disruption, Innovation and Change

November 13 – 14, 2017  |  Dallas, TX

2017 Session Presentations

Monday Opening Keynote
John McElligott, CEO and Founder, York Exponential

CS I – Role of Change Management in Digital Transformation
  Presenters: Unmesh Tambwekar & Sagar Kulkarni, Microsoft

CS II – Disruptive Analytics for Quality and Six Sigma
  Presenter: Jim Duarte, LJ Duarte & Associates LLC

CS III – The Internet of Things (IoT): How Connected Devices Are Impacting Business Process
  Presenter: Dave Nelson, Pratum

CS IV – Industry 4.0: Why Is This a Big Deal and What Does it Mean?
  Presenter: Craig Sutton, John Deere

Solution Session I: Business-Driven Digital Transformation Using Application Platform Services and Artificial Intelligence Services
  Presenters: Shashi Lanka Venkata & Sagar Kulkarni, Microsoft

1. Adopt the New Philosophy

  Presenter: Nicole Radziwill

2. Future of Innovation in Shaping Quality
  Presenter: John Latimer

3. Leaders Facilitating Change
  Presenter: Dawn Allbee

Workshop I – Agile Process Design: Simple Methods to Get It Right the First Time, Faster
  Presenter: William Hathaway, Moresteam

Solution Session II – Real-World Examples of Quality Impacts From Cybersecurity Incidents in IoT and PLC Devices
  Presenter: Dave Nelson, Pratum

1. Artificial Intelligence and Performance Improvement
  Presenter: Elmer Corbin

2. Responding to Disruptive Change in Manufacturing Quality
  Presenter: Jeff Cope

3. Academic Research Drives Leadership Development to Capitalize on Tsunamis of Change
  Presenter: Stephen Hacker

CS V - Demystifying Myths About Disruptive Technology
  Presenters: Sagar Kulkarni & Shashi Lanka Venkata, Microsoft

CS VI – Future of Innovation in Shaping Quality
  Presenter: John Latimer, XILINX

CS VII – Connected Device Validation and Quality Best Practices
  Presenter: Carolyn Wright, Amway

CS VIII – How to Infuse Quality Into Cybersecurity
  Presenter: Ian Meggarrey, Metova CyberCENTS  

Tuesday, Opening Keynote
  Rebekah Kowalski, Vice President, Right Management, A ManPowerGroup Company

CS IX - The Hidden Value in Quality 4.0: An Integrated Framework for Understanding
  Presenter: Nicole Radziwill, James Madison University

CS X -  Quality 4.0 and 21st Century Tools for Quality, Reliability, and Six Sigma
  Presenter: Jim Duarte, LJ Duarte & Associates LLC

CS XI – Surfing Tsunamis
  Presenter: Stephen Hacker, Transformation Systems International, LLC

CS XII – Design Business Systems to Support Sustainable CI
  Presenter: Scott Bensen, Total Continuous Improvement and Info

Solution Session III – The Road to the Digital Worker: What’s Real, What’s Possible
  Presenter: Seth Earley, Earley Information Science

Workshop II – Leading Through Change
  Presenter: Dawn Allbee, The Joint Commission