How to Earn Recertification Units

As soon as you are certified by ASQ, you start accruing recertification units. You will need 18 units to recertify. Specific information is included in the Recertification Journal (PDF, 917 KB).

Recertification Units
Professional Development 0.1 RU per hour
1 CEU = 1.0 RU
Employment 0.3 RU per month FT or 3.6 RUs per year
0.15 RU per month PT or 1.8 RUs per year

Credit for teaching or leading courses

College 1 Semester/Quarters credit = 1.5 RU
Non-College 1 CEU = 1.5 RUs or
0.15 RU per hr. of instruction
ASQ-Sponsored or Company Sponsored 1 CEU = 1.5 RUs or
0.15 RU per hr. of instruction
Courses-Student Credit
Credit for Attending Courses
College 1 Semester/Quarter Semester Credit = 1.0 RU
Non-College 1 CEU = 1.0 RU or 0.1 RU per hr. of class or 1 contact hour = 0.1 RU per hour
ASQ-Sponsored or Company Sponsored (in house and offsite) 1 CEU = 1.0 RU or 0.1 RU per hr. of class or 1 contact hour = 0.1 RU per hour
Home-Study 1 CEU = 1.0 RU
Meetings Meetings 0.3 RU per meeting
Workshops/Clinics 0.3 RU per workshop/clinic
Committees Elected Officer (Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer) 2.0 RUs per year of service
Member leader in appointed position 1.5 RU per year/per committee
Member who performs ad hoc responsibilities 0.2 RU per event/activity, for total of 0.6 RU per year; 1.8 RUs is MAX for ad hoc service
Certifications 2.0 RUs per ASQ certification earned;
1.0 RU per other certification from another professional organization
Proctoring 1.0 RU chief proctor/per exam day
0.5 RU as assistant proctor/per exam day
0.25 RU for registration assistant/per exam day
Electronic Media 0.025 RU / 15 min
Publishing   Author Co-Author Editor
Media Review 0.5 RU per published review N/A N/A


1.0 RU per article 0.5 RU per article N/A
Book 4.0 RUs per book 2.0 RUs per book 1.0 RU per book
1.0 RU per paper 1.0 RU per paper N/A


  • All information/activities pending review and final decision.
  • Employment RU credit must fall in the pertaining certification(s) body of knowledge.
  • All category activities must be in the pertaining certification(s) body of knowledge or be directly job enhancing/related.


Here are some examples of documentation to save and send with your journal/application.

  • Conference name badges, program agendas, attendance registration sheets
  • Past and present employment verification letters
  • Professional society meeting attendance receipts
  • Letters of participation and/or continuing service on professional society committees
  • Student transcripts
  • Training records—certificates, course outlines, employee training records, attendance rosters
  • Instructor records of courses taught (for instructor credit)
  • Letters from clients whom you have serviced (for self-employed)

Note: Do not send in documentation for activities as you complete them. Log your activities in your recertification journal, collect the needed documentation and keep all information together for when it comes time for recertification.

Get instructions for submitting your recertification

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