How can I schedule my exam appointment after my application is approved?

Computer-Based Tests (CBT)

ASQ computer-based tests are delivered through our partner, Prometric. Please visit our certification website for a list of testing window dates, application deadlines, and to apply for a computer-based exam.

Scheduling Online

Once you are approved to sit for the exam, ASQ will email you an eligibility email, which will include your eligibility ID and a link to schedule your exam directly through Prometric. Please save your ASQ eligibility ID in a safe place; you will not be able to schedule your exam without it. Eligibility emails are sent six months prior to the exam window you applied for. If you are currently within six months of your window, you will receive your eligibility email within 48 hours after you receive this email notification. Please visit Prometric's website for a listing of all Prometric testing centers near you.

Scheduling by Telephone

  • If you live in North America, you can use the Prometric Telephone System, an interactive voice response system that enables you to use a touch-tone phone to schedule, reschedule, cancel, or confirm existing exam appointments. Test center information (phone number, address, and directions) can also be obtained over the telephone or online.
  • If you live in North America, you can contact Prometric at 800-369-5949 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. (U.S. Eastern Time).
  • If you live outside of North America, please visit Prometric's contact website for your region-specific phone number.
  • When contacting Prometric's Candidate Care Center, they will ask for the program (ASQ), the name of the certification exam you are scheduling, and your ASQ Eligibility ID (e.g., 12345678).

    If you do not schedule your exam appointment with Prometric by the last day of your eligibility period, you will forfeit your fees. You will not receive a refund. You will not be able to use the initial fees for anything else. If you still wish to obtain the certification, you will have to reapply and submit all associated fees again. (Your eligibility period is 180 days, starting with the exam window you selected during the application process.)

    After scheduling your exam appointment with Prometric, you will receive an email confirmation of your scheduled certification date, time, and location.

    *ASQ cannot guarantee seating at the testing centers and recommends that you schedule the exam as soon as you select a date on which you want to take it. For step-by-step instructions to schedule your exam through Prometric, please visit the following link:

    Paper-Based Tests (PBT)

    Special administrations of PBT exams for select certifications will be available during special occasions such as conferences via paper-based testing. Please visit our special administrations webpage to view the certification exam dates, application deadlines, and to apply for an exam.

    Permanent paper-based sites are also available at certain locations where there is not a Prometric testing center available. Please visit our permanent paper-based testing webpage to view the certification exam dates, application deadlines, exams offered, and to apply for an exam.

    Translated exams are offered only via paper-based testing and specific locations internationally.

    ASQ translates some certifications into Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, and Portuguese. Translated exams are exclusively offered as paper-based tests. Please visit our translated exam webpage to view languages offered, certification exam dates, applications deadlines, and to apply for a translated exam.

    NOTE: For all paper-based tests, a candidate will NOT need to schedule an exam appointment through Prometric. ASQ will email you your seating letter approximately two to three weeks prior to your exam date, which includes the date, time, and location of your paper-based test.

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