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I passed. What was my score?

You need a score of 550 points out of a possible 750 to be certified. ASQ Certification Exams are not designed to "rank" the relative performance of successful candidates. Rather, the exams are designed specifically to differentiate between competent and not-competent test takers. If we were to report the scale scores to successful candidates, we would be violating a specific area of the assessment standards called "Test Use" – i.e., it would be a misuse of the ASQ exams if someone who scored a 580 claimed to be "more competent" than someone who scored a 560 or a 570. The ASQ exams would require a different basic design (and would serve a very different purpose) in order for that kind of statement to be valid.

So called "rank-comparison examinations" do exist and are primarily used in the educational field. They are called "norm-referenced" tests, and they are designed to indicate a candidate’s performance in relation to others who took that test. ASQ exams are criteria-based and are scored in terms of an established standard of performance that remains constant regardless of the variation in scores produced by any particular candidate population.

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