My application was put on hold. When should I submit my required work experience, education background, and/or affidavit?

The required documentation including your work history, education experience, and/or affidavit must be submitted to at least 5 days prior to either the start of your exam window (CBT) or exam date (PBT). If you fail to submit the required documentation, you will forfeit the exam fee.

To schedule your exam at a Prometric testing center, you must first have submitted all the required documentation and have been approved by ASQ. As a reminder, ASQ cannot guarantee seating at the Prometric testing centers so it is best to submit all documentation when applying for your exam.

If you do not have the education and work experience required to sit for a particular certification examination, you may obtain a partial refund of your examination fee by contacting ASQ. ASQ will not waive the examination requirements. If you are short on work experience, you may sit for the next exam, as long as you meet the requirement by the time you apply for the exam.

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