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How do I submit multimedia (formerly videotapes) for recertification units?

Enter computer-based training related to your job functions and requirements under the "student" category.

This category includes, but is not be limited to, audiotapes, videotapes, CD-ROMs, DVDs, and satellite conferences. Categorize these activities under the section of the recertification journal previously entitled "videotapes", now "multimedia".

The category maximum will be 3.6 recertification units during the three-year recertification period with NO PER-YEAR MAXIMUM as previously stated. The applicant will receive the current .25 recertification units per every 15 minutes of viewing/listening. The multimedia source MUST fall in at least one area of the Body of Knowledge (BOK) for the certification(s) or be job enhancing.

You must submit a copy of the packaging for the multimedia which shows the title and program length. Complete the form inside the recertification journal to indicate the date(s) of viewing/listening. If there is no packaging, submit a letter on company letterhead signed by your immediate supervisor or human resources manager, attesting to the multimedia activity. You must also submit the completed form from the recertification journal.

At this time you do not get credit for time spent reading books, articles or other written material.

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