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How do I know if a program qualifies for recertification units?

If a program is sufficiently rigorous and based in at least one area of your certification(s)' Body of Knowledge (BOK) or is job-enhancing, you may count it toward recertification units (RUs). You may begin a course/activity before you are certified.

If you've already recertified, you may use completed activities dated from July 1st through your expiration date if your expiration is June 30th or January 1st if your expiration date is December 31st. You must complete activities by the expiration date of your certification(s).

The recertification journal explains how many RUs you receive for each activity you claim.

Other key points:

  • Professional development means any type of conference, seminar, workshop, symposium or forum you attend. This should not be confused with the Student Courses section of the journal.
  • Student courses are those either sponsored by your company or by an accredited, outsourced training facility that teaches career-related techniques. Such courses include, but are not limited to, computer classes, at-work people skills, other association training classes and job function training. Also, classes offered by an accredited college qualify.
  • Home study and online courses may be used toward recertification, but not the homework portion. Assigned CEUs or contact hours must be included with the course certificate to be accepted.
  • Any "course instructor" credit claimed must be above and beyond your regular required job duties and responsibilities if you are claiming credit in addition to employment credit, and must be specified as such on your documentation.
  • The recertification program does not grant recertification units for auditing functions. This is part of your employment credit.
  • Exam refresher courses taken before your initial certification cannot be counted toward recertification. You may, however, count those courses toward another certification's recertification requirements, as long as the refresher course covers at least one area of that Body of Knowledge or is job-enhancing.

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