Celebrate World Quality Month in 2019!

World Quality Month

Join The Celebration

Join the global quality community to celebrate World Quality Month 2019! World Quality Month (WQM) is a worldwide celebration of quality. It’s a time to showcase the advancement and valuable contributions quality professionals make in businesses, communities, and institutions. This month allows us to shine a light on the industry and the individuals striving to provide excellence through quality.

ASQ has created several downloadable activities and materials to help celebrate! Share your Celebrations with us on social and join the World Quality Month discussion on myASQ.


These banners and headers can be used in e-newletters, webpages, email headers, and other digital channels. Choose from four different sizes, designed to accommodate multiple templates. DOWNLOAD BANNERS

Which Guru Are You?

World Quality Month 2019 What Guru Are You Illustration

Have you ever wondered which Guru you have the most in common with? Now you can find out by taking our Which Guru Are You? quiz! Select the link below and be sure to share your results on social. TAKE THE QUIZ

Desktop and Mobile Wallpapers

Download a WQM wallpaper to showcase the month-long celebration on your desktop and cell phone. Choose from two different designs. DOWNLOAD WALLPAPER


Each day we will be sharing quality trivia and interesting factoids on our Twitter account @ASQ. At the end of each week, we will share the trivia tiles on this page for you to download. Check back each day to download new tiles. DOWNLOAD TRIVIA TILES

Quality Memes

Have your expectations ever differed from reality? This series of images is a lighthearted depiction of some of the misconceptions individuals may face when entering and working in the quality industry. DOWNLOAD MEMES
Have you had a similar experience? Share your story with us on social!


Encourage others to celebrate by downloading printable posters. These posters can be hung in your personal workspace or communal areas in your workplace. Two different sizes are available to accommodate multiple spaces. DOWNLOAD POSTERS

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