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World Quality month is a time to celebrate quality professionals and the quality industry. This year, we have made an effort to showcase content and individuals that celebrate quality in an unexpected way. With that in mind, ASQ would like to introduce Belur Nanjundiah Jagadeesh Prasad. Jadesh Prasad has applied his knowledge of quality creatively by composing several quality themed poems. Below are few of his pieces. Please enjoy his works and continue celebrating quality!

Frederick Winslow Taylor– Father of Scientific Management

Saluting the Stalwart on Engineer’s Day

Remembering the Man who created Ford to Put America on Wheels

Pioneers of Motion Study and Fatigue Reduction

Fredrick Winslow Taylor – Father of Scientific Management

Management Science – as an evolution seen,

Contribution of pioneers, at different times seen.

For Work practices laying a strong foundation,

As the father of Scientific Mgt, Taylor is known.

20/03/ 1856  –21/03/1915

In different shifts observing, variation in production,

As a foreman he investigated to effect its reduction.

Finding each one was doing the job in one’s own way

Variations operated their uncontrolled sway.

Breaking  jobs into smaller tasks and deciding the best way.

1st Shift 2nd


He dictated  workers  – strict adherence to pay.

Efficiency as an upward trend shown,

Before              After

Popularity  of his method steadily grown.

Publishing a thesis on  ”Scientific Management

He pleaded “  For  Standardisation and Work Measurement.

Supervisors and engineers , thinking cap must wear

And Work instructions and guidelines should prepare”

“Blue Collars workers – this must follow”

“ Expected outputs – this will allow”

Taylorism – across the globe as it spread,

Author : B.N.Jagadesh Prasad, Pursuing Training  & Poetry with Passion

Him to “ Productivity Guru” status  – it lead.

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  1. Mr.Jagadeesh Prasad has been my esteemed friend for a long time, and, I consider it a privilege to be on his mailing list,wherein I get to receive his wonderful poems on varied subjects, personalities and events.
    I look forward to seeing more of his poetic creations.

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