Referral Olympics For ASQ Members

The Referral Olympics offers ASQ members worldwide the chance to earn rewards for something they are probably already doing—informing friends and colleagues about the benefits of an ASQ membership. By participating you’ll earn a chance to win a $10 Starbucks e-card for every person you refer. If your referrals join ASQ by September 9, you’ll earn even more chances to win bigger prizes including ASQ Bucks, additional $10 Starbucks e-cards, and $200 Visa gift cards. Those who join also receive a free content bundle welcome gift valued at $70.

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One thought on “Referral Olympics For ASQ Members”

  1. I would be delighted to elaborate about my personal experiences within ASQ, and share the advantages or “Powers” which include:

    – Accessibility
    ASQ is available to practitioners at any and all levels (even students and retirees), across industries, nations, and geographic locations.

    – Prestige
    ASQ dates back 70 years to the origins of Quality Control and the Pioneers of Quality including Deming, Shewhart, and Juran.

    – Precision
    ASQ is not one-size-fits-all, but offers specific benefits reflective of your interests, inclinations, and experience levels.

    – Mobility
    ASQ credentials are valid throughout all locations where ASQ operates, providing portability and comity of training and experience. ASQ operates in many locations, enabling affiliation and interaction throughout your career or professional journey

    – Rewards
    A long-term Quality practitioner who is active and involved in our profession can’t afford NOT to be an ASQ member. In 2016 my ASQ membership will have saved me over $2000 USD compared to prices charged to non-members for equivalent benefits.

    ASQ provides explicit and intrinsic rewards which enable and encourage long-term engagement and sustainability

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