Meet New ASQ CEO Bill Troy

My name is Bill Troy and I assumed the duties of ASQ CEO on April 21. While I have had the opportunity to meet many from the ASQ community, I know there are many others who I have not yet had the privilege of meeting.  Therefore, in this, my first blog post on View from the Q, please allow me to introduce myself and tell you a little about my professional career.

I spent my entire career in the U.S. military and it was a life and mission I loved.  When I retired I was hoping to find something that would allow me to put into practice some of the leadership and management lessons I learned at the feet of wonderful leaders; and if I could do it in service to a cause I believed in, I would be doubly blessed.

When this opportunity at ASQ presented itself, I felt it would be a good fit, both in terms of what I could offer, and what I could learn.  The U.S. military, like any good military, runs on standards, qualifications, and certifications.  We do dangerous things in training and on operations, and they cannot be done safely and effectively if the standards are not well-defined, properly communicated, and rigorously adhered to.

ASQ feels like a good fit to me because I believe in what we are doing in the quality community.  I follow a CEO, Paul Borawski, whose strong but compassionate leadership and bold vision have made an indispensable contribution to ASQ.  We are making workplaces more effective, efficient, safer, and more in touch with the needs of the people who work there.  I like that mission.

When I started this job  I also knew I could learn a lot and I am learning every day.  I am a big believer in lifelong learning. Not only do I have an opportunity to lead a great organization and passionate community, but I’ve also been introduced to the incredible world of tools, techniques, and insights you possess.  I am proud to join you and lend whatever abilities I have to making ASQ bigger and better in every way I can.

7 thoughts on “Meet New ASQ CEO Bill Troy”

  1. Congrats Bill! I’m thrilled to start ‘talking’ with you every month as part of the Influential Voices group.

    “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”~ Henry Ford

    All the best!

  2. Welcome to ASQ Bill. We met briefly at the conference in Dallas in early May. We in India are looking forward to a bigger and better ASQ in 2014 and beyond. Your leadership and help will be vital in this mission.

  3. So truly said that one ought to remain a learner- for the life.
    This can not be truer for Quality as a profession and Management as The Practice.
    We join you, Dear Mr. Bill Troy, in your pursuit to make ASQ bigger and better, by spreading the message of lifelong learning.
    Heartiest congratulations for taking over the reins of ASQ.

  4. Bill T. & Paul B.
    I wish that Quality were 80% Proactive and 20% Reactive.
    We are still far away from that ratio and believe that our today estimate ratio is 80% Reactive/20% Proactive by simply looking at non quality recurring recalls which darken our successes,
    I do envision ASQ will be fostering IT and software to accomplish the routine daily tasks of Quality Compliance, so we can dedicate more management efforts to work on the proactive side of Quality…and reverse that ratio in a short future.

  5. It is nice to meet you Bill through this amazing introductory note. We see a great leader in you. Glad to note that you are a believer of lifelong learning.

    Congratulations and welcome to this new and prestigious role!

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