Infographic: The Pulse of Global Quality

I have written quite a bit about ASQ’s Global State of Quality research in recent months. The research is a comprehensive look at quality, spanning 22 countries and containing findings from nearly 2,000 respondents. You can access the entire report here, and now you can see the top findings from the research in this infographic. As they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words. Take a look.

What jumps out and surprises you from this infographic?

If you’re curious about the methodology behind the research, I recommend ASQ’s latest installment of the report, Analysis, Trends, and Opportunities 2013. It’s free for ASQ members and available for a modest fee for non-members. In the future months, we will offer short Spotlight reports highlighting individual topics from the research and interviews with quality leaders who explain “the why” behind the numbers.

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