Quality Today: Questions and Challenges

Today I’m thinking strategically and globally. Last month I wrote about the early findings from the ASQ’s Global State of Quality Research.  The first report was released last month at the World Conference for Quality and Improvement.  I think you’ll find a lot to ponder here. I did. And there’s much more to come from the Global State of Quality in July and November. I’ll make sure you know when new findings are released.

The reason I’m thinking strategically and globally is because we’re refreshing ASQ’s strategy for the coming year and looking at feedback that we gather throughout the year.  We work to make sure we capture insights from a variety of stakeholder point of views.  Whose view is more important than yours? You are, after all,  the global quality community.

And since we’re thinking strategically, I’ll point your attention again to ASQ’s Future of Quality study that we undertake every three years.  The latest version was released in 2011. The study always prompts me to think about the dynamic nature of quality.  While the study reminds me that the world is changing at an ever faster rate, readers sometimes reflect that little in practice has changed.  I wonder if that is true.

So, with that as context–new research, a glimpse of the future, and with your strategic hat on–I pose two questions for your consideration.

  • What is the most important challenge the quality community faces in ensuring that the value of quality is fully realized for the benefit of society? (I could write a book on that question.)
  • And, what question does the quality community most need answered in order to advance the state of quality practice in the world?

I realize these are big questions, but then you are big thinkers.  Thanks in advance for your thoughtful response.  And welcome to our new Influential Voices: Chad Walters, Guy Bigwood, Babette Ten Haken, James Lawther, Edwin Garro, Shon Isenhour, and Jeffrey Phillips.

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