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Shainin B vs. C February 15 2011

Abstract: Manufacturers are constantly making changes to their products and processes. The goal for each change is improvement. It might be improvement in product performance, product reliability, manufacturing quality or productivity. Changes are often made in response to an existing quality or reliability problem. Unfortunately, there is always a risk that these changes are ineffective. In some cases the change does no harm. However, the time and expense to implement the change is wasted. In other cases, the change introduces new problems which may be more severe than the original problem. This Webinar will describe the Shainin B vs. C™ test, a simple statistical test to reduce the risk of ineffective changes. In addition to learning the details of a B vs. C test, participants will learn key principles for all statistical tests including assessing the risk of a wrong decision and avoiding spurious associations.

Keywords: Statistical tests; Manufacturing; Decision making; Reliability

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Really good explanation, I just want to add that it is really good way to attack issue in the automotive industry but is is not really easy to use in other industries due the lack of opportunity to have ore than 3 samples to be evaluated due the cost of producing part.
--Martin Cruz, 04-25-2020
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