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Section Affairs Council

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Document Name Description
SAC 01.00 (PDF, 355 KB) — Rescinded: 11/02/2018; Effective: 01/01/2019 Governance, Structure, Rules Regulations and Definitions
SAC 04.00 (PDF, 25 KB) Member Leader Excellence Award
SAC 04.00 Appendix A (DOC, 130 KB) Appendix A: MLEA Nomination Form
SAC 04.00 Appendix B (DOC, 2.3 MB) Appendix B: MLEA Order Form
SAC 05.00 (PDF, 29 KB) SAC Special Projects Fund Disbursement
SAC 06.00 (PDF, 76 KB) Election of Section Affairs Council Chair and Vice Chair Policy
SAC 08.00 (PDF, 73 KB) Election of Directors to the Board of Directors Policy
SAC 08.01 (PDF, 75 KB) Election of Directors to the Board of Directors Procedure
SAC 11.00 (PDF, 57 KB) Section Affairs Council Travel
SAC 12.00 (PDF, 246 KB) Regional Director Budget to Support Member Leader Training
SAC 13.00 (PDF, 40 KB) SAC Policy Change / Review Process
SAC-1 (PDF, 72 KB) SAC Strategic and Deployment Planning
SAC-2 (PDF, 329 KB) SAC Meetings and Conference Calls
SAC-3 (PDF, 72 KB) Adding SAC/Section Items to a Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

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