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Policies - PG - Board Positions

Policy Number
PG 11.00 — Rescinded: 05/22/2019; Effective: 05/22/2019 National Directors Representing Divisions – Roles and Responsibilities
Y-1 (PDF, 73 KB) Chairman of the Board (Position Guide)
Y-2 (PDF, 73 KB) — Rescinded: 10/04/2018; Effective: 10/14/2018 Chair (Position Guide)
Y-4 (PDF, 74 KB) Treasurer (Position Guide)
Y-5 (PDF, 75 KB) Regional Director (Position Guide)
Y-7 (PDF, 116 KB)

Parliamentarian (Position Guide)

Y-9 (PDF, 75 KB)

SAC Chair/Vice Chair Roles, Duties, and Responsibilities

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