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2018 Medal and Award Recipients

Congratulations to the following distinguished awardees who received their recognition at the Annual Business Meeting held during ASQ’s Annual World Conference on Quality and Improvement.

To learn more about nominating an individual for an ASQ medal - go to https://asq.org/about-asq/asq-awards

Brumbaugh Award

The Brumbaugh Award is presented for the paper, published in an ASQ journal that made the largest single contribution to the development of industrial application of quality control.

We have three recipients of the 2017 Brumbaugh Award, who co-authored the paper, “An Application of the Linear Errors-in-Variables Model in Semiconductor Device Performance Assessment,” published in 2015 in Quality Engineering, Volume 27, Issue 4, pp. 500-511.

Yi Lu

Stefan Stiener

R. Jock Mackay

Distinguished Service Medalists

The Distinguished Service Medal represents the highest distinction that can be accorded by the American Society for Quality for service.  The medal honors the lifetime contribution of any person who has been recognized as a long-term enabler, catalyst, or prime mover in the quality movement.  It is granted only to those people who have clearly driven progress by promulgation of quality principles, methods, or science for the good of society at large or who have exemplary, sustained service on behalf of ASQ that has benefited the whole Society.

The ASQ board of directors approved four new Distinguished Service Medalists at their November 2016 meeting.

Robert E. King

Robert E. King – Retired, Salem, NH

For a distinguished career of leadership in adapting, improving, clarifying and communicating a vast array of leading edge quality, innovation and design principles and methods worldwide, enabling practitioners at all levels to contribute to performance excellence in industries, schools and communities, and for facilitating and conducting research and application activities that have enhanced the quality of life for the benefit of humankind.

Crosby Medal
Daniel John Zrymiak

Daniel John Zrymiak- Accenture. Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

The Crosby Medal is presented to an individual, or individuals for authoring a distinguished book that contributes significantly to the extension of the philosophy and application of the principles, methods, or techniques of quality management.  The Crosby Medal for 2017 is awarded to Daniel John Zrymiak “For distinguished commitment, dedication and leadership to the foundations of the Six Sigma community and the Quality Profession through guiding parishioners and beginners in the philosophy and application of the principles, methods and techniques of Six Sigma Green Belts”.

Roderick A. Munro

Roderick A. Munro Business Improvement Coach RAM Q Universe, Inc. Lewes, DE

The Crosby Medal for 2017 is awarded to Roderick A. Munro “For distinguished commitment, dedication and leadership to the foundations of the Six Sigma community and the Quality Profession through guiding parishioners and beginners in the philosophy and application of the principles, methods and techniques of Six Sigma Green Belts”.

Govindarajan Ramu

Govindarajan Ramu- SunPower Corporation, San Jose, CA

The Crosby Medal for 2017 is awarded to Govindarajan Ramu “For distinguished commitment, dedication and leadership to the foundations of the Six Sigma community and the Quality Profession through guiding parishioners and beginners in the philosophy and application of the principles, methods and techniques of Six Sigma Green Belts”.

Deming Medal
David P. Langford

David P. Langford - Langford International Inc., Molt, MT

The Deming Medal is presented for outstanding leadership in combining statistical thinking and management that leads to quality in products and services.  The 2017 Deming Medal is presented to David P. Langford In appreciation of your long-lasting efforts to transform education with Dr. Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge in order to restore joy to learning 

Feigenbaum Medal
Dr. Alessio Griffoni

Dr. Alessio Griffoni - OSRAM SpA, Treviso, Italy

The Feigenbaum Medal is presented to a young quality professional who has displayed outstanding characteristics of leadership, professionalism, and potential in the field of quality through achievement of significant benefit to mankind.

The Feigenbaum Medal for 2017 “For contributions to the understanding, improvement and promotion of the reliability of innovative electronic and optoelectronic technologies”.   

Dr. Nigel Howard Croft

Dr. Nigel Howard Croft - Campinas, SP, Brazil

The Freund-Marquardt Medal is presented in recognition of an individual who has held positions of responsibility for development of standards that focus on the management system of an organization

The 2017 Freund-Marquardt Medal is presented to Dr. Nigel Howard Croft “For his passion, dedication and leadership in the application of quality management principles to the development, promotion and implementation of quality management system standards on a global scale, for over twenty years”.

Grant Medal
John Vandenbemden

John Vandenbemden- Q-Met-Tech, LLC Union, KY

The Grant Medal is presented to the individual who has been deemed by the committee to have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the development and presentation of a meritorious educational program in quality control. The 2017 Grant Medal is presented to John Vandenbemden “For outstanding contribution as a leader in the development of Lean Six Sigma educational programs; for significant impact as an education provider to quality practitioners; and for exceptional leadership in the development of a CQT exam preparatory course”.

Gryna Award

The Gryna Award is presented for the paper that made the largest contribution to the extension of understanding and knowledge of the philosophy, principles, or methods of quality management during the past year.

We have three individuals who are presented with the 2017 Gryna Award for co-authoring the paper, ‘SNSQUAL: A Social Networking Site Quality Model,’ published in 2016 in Quality Management Journal.

Brandon Phillips

Brandon Phillips-Texas A & M University – Central Texas Killeen, Texas

Daniel Peak

Daniel Peak- University of North Texas, Denton, TX

Victor R. Prybutok

Victor R. Prybutok- University of North Texas, Denton, TX

Hromi Medal
C. Robert Pennella

C. Robert Pennella- US Department of Defense (Retired), Springfield, NJ

The Hromi Medal recognizes individuals who have made significant and noteworthy contributions to the science of inspection and/or the advancement of the inspection profession. The 2017 Hromi Medal is presented to C. Robert Pennella “For significant and dedicated contributions as an author, inspector, quality engineer, educator and member leader. Specifically for authoring Managing the Metrology System and Managing Contract Quality Requirements, for creating the ASQ North Jersey Section’s Inspector/Quality Technician of the year award, and for devoted service to the DoD Defense Logistics Agency”.

Hutchens Medal
Marty T. Neese

Marty T. Neese- SunPower Corporation, San Jose, California

The Hutchens Medal is presented for exemplifying the principles of social responsibility that led to societal change.  In 2017 the Hutchens Medal is presented to Marty T. Neese: As an advocate for environmental and social responsibility, Marty Neese has been instrumental in establishing a sustainability ethos within SunPower. His vision and voice have inspired employees globally to create and implement innovative and award-winning programs related to social entrepreneurship, access to energy, education and sustainable manufacturing and products.

Ishikawa Medal

No recipients for 2017 awards

Juran Medal
Jack F. Welch

Jack F. Welch – Jack Welch Management Institute, Herndon, VA

The Juran Medal is presented for distinguished performance in a sustained role as an organizational leader guiding an organization to a state of leadership in quality.  The 2017 Juran Medal is presented to Jack Welch After adopting Motorola’s Six Sigma model in 1995, Mr. Welch served as Chairman & CEO of GE until he reached retirement in 2001. In 1999, Fortune named him the "Manager of the Century," and the Financial Times recently named him one of the three most admired business leaders in the world today. By the end of 2000, two-thirds of the largest companies in the U.S. followed Jack's lead. His vision to make GE a Six Sigma quality company is still emulated by many business leaders today. He has delivered on that aspiration for GE to produce virtually defect-free products, services and transactions. Mr. Welch has always been thought of as a leader in quality.

Lancaster Medal
Elizabeth Keim

Elizabeth Keim - Integrated Quality Resources, LLC, Niwot, CO

The Lancaster Medal is presented for outstanding and meritorious contributions to the international fraternity of quality professionals.  In 2017 the Lancaster Medal is presented to Elizabeth Keim “For the outstanding role model she has presented to the global fraternity of quality serving both as an exceptional professional coach, teacher, and goodwill ambassador for quality by promoting quality across five continents over the past ten years”.

Shainin Medal
Craig G. Hysong

Craig G. Hysong - Shainin Detroit, MI

The Shainin Medal is presented for the development and application of creative or unique statistical approaches in the solving of problems relative to the quality of a product or service.

The 2017 Shainin Medal is presented to Craig Hysong “For the development of a patented method of design conflict detection based upon a functional description of a new product or process.” 

Shewhart Medal
Dr. David M. Steinberg

Dr. David M. Steinberg - Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel

The Shewhart Medal is presented for outstanding leadership in the field of modern quality control.  The 2017 Shewhart Medal is presented to Dr. David M. Steinberg “For the fundamental research in the design of industrial experiments, especially robust design experiments, and for outstanding technical service as Editor of Technometrics”.

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