World Quality Month

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We’ve collected popular videos, research articles and blogs about quality from around the world. Send us your favorite knowledge resource and help spread the word about quality.

Innovation and Quality

Dan Iorga speaks about advancing quality by viewing it through the lens of innovation.

ROI of Quality Fact Sheet

Learn how quality helps with organizational business goals.

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Quality Trivia Fact Sheet

See a collection of fun quality facts!

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The State of Quality in India in 2015

What's the state of quality in India in 2015? Dr. Himanshu Trivedi, chair of ASQ's local member community in Ahmedabad, India, reflects.

Quality In Saudi Arabia

Abdullah Al Gahtani speaks about the state of quality in Saudi Arabia.

Raising Awareness

ASQ member leader Sunil Thawani shares ideas on raising awareness of the quality field during World Quality Month and beyond.

The Global Impact of Quality

Learn how quality impacts all aspects of international business and human activity.

The State of quality in the United Arab Emirates

Quality leader Sunil Thawani, based in Dubai, shares thoughts on the state of quality in the United Arab Emirates.

The State of Quality in Europe

Annette Geirnaert of the Flemish Quality Management Center speaks about the current state of the quality field in Europe.

The State of Quality In India

In 2014, ASQ blogger Anshuman Tiwari spoke about the state of quality in today's India, including the healthcare, education, and manufacturing sectors.

Quality In Costa Rica

Edwin Garro speaks about the state of quality in Central America, including Costa Rica.

Continuous Improvement in China

What drives quality improvement in today's China? Learn about the four main factors leading to continuous improvement.

What Drives Quality Improvement In the United Arab Emirates?

Hear from the head of ASQ's MENA office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Quality Blogroll

Jay Arthur

Jay Arthur is an expert in the field of Lean Six Sigma and productivity. He has worked both Fortune 500 and small businesses.

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Forrest Breyfogle

Forrest Breyfogle is author of over a dozen books, including the award-winning Implementing Six Sigma. He offers training and consulting in Lean Six Sigma and BPM.

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Jimena Calfa

Argentina native Jimena Calfa is a systems engineer specializing in quality software. She also writes about using quality tools in everyday life.

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Daniel John Zrymiak

Daniel John Zrymiak is from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. He has worked in quality for two decades, mostly recently at Accenture as a Mobilization Lead.

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Edwin Garro

Edwin Garro is an industrial engineer and entrepreneur from Costa Rica, and the CEO of PXS Performance Excellence Solutions.

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Babette N. Ten Haken

As founder and president of sales at Aerobics for Engineers, LLC, Babette works to build business strategies for technical start-ups.

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Rick Haynes

Rick Haynes is a statistician, Master Black Belt, and customer service expert.

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John Hunter

John Hunter has developed quality improvement methods and software at the quality management office of the Secretary of Defense and the White House.

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Dr. Lotto Lai

Based in Hong Kong, China, Dr. Lotto Lai is chairman and fellow in the Hong Kong Society for Quality.

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James Lawther

James Lawther describes himself as a “middle-aged middle manager.” Based in the U.K, he is head of insight and improvement at RSA.

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Tim McMahon

Tim McMahon is a quality manager and lean practitioner with expertise in lean manufacturing. He blogs at A Lean Journey.

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Robert Mitchell

Robert Mitchell has 30 years of quality experience in manufacturing, non-profit and civic organizations, and manages corporate quality and Lean Six Sigma operations at 3M.

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Dr. Michael Noble

Dr. Michael Noble is a medical microbiologist within the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine in the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

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Mary Perpetuo

A blog by Maria Perpetuo on quality management and positive attitude.

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John Priebe

John Priebe is a quality director and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with experience in process improvement, innovation, and quality control. He blogs at

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Nicole Radziwill

Nicole Radziwill is an assistant professor in the Department of Integrated Science and Technology at James Madison University.

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Scott Rutherford

Scott Rutherford works in quality assurance at a nuclear shipyard, and specializes in performance improvement. He blogs at Square Peg Musings.

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Aimee Siegler

Aimee Siegler is the global compliance manager at Benchmark Electronics.

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Jennifer Stepniowski

Jennifer Stepniowski is Communications Director at Pro QC International and an adjunct instructor at Hillsborough Community College. She blogs at
Quality Time.

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Rajan Thiyagarajan

Based in Chennai, India, Rajan Thiyagarajan is delivery head at Tata Consultancy Services and a senior member of ASQ. He blogs at Quality Matters.

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Anshuman Tiwari

Anshuman Tiwari is a quality expert with experience in industries ranging from textiles to financial services.

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Bill Troy

View From the Q is ASQ's blog and includes posts by CEO Bill Troy.

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Manu Vora

ASQ Fellow Manu Vora is chairman and president of Business Excellence, Inc. He is an expert in organizational excellence and the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program.

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Chad Walters

Chad Walters is a lean consultant with Lean Blitz Consulting out of Augusta, Georgia, and blogs about Lean applications in sports organizations.

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Sharing tools, tips and techniques for statistics and quality improvement.

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LNS Research

Sharing tools, tips and techniques for statistics and quality improvement.

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