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Navigating the Joint Commission OPPE Requirements

The ongoing professional practice evaluation (OPPE) mandated by The Joint Commission in 2007 has as an objective that organizations look at data on performance for all practitioners with privileges on an ongoing basis rather than at the two-year reappointment process. By doing so, this would allow organizations and providers to take steps to improve performance on a more timely basis. The objective is simple enough. Yet the practical application of data collection, attribution, analyses, evaluations, profile distribution, security, etc. is much more complicated. Join us for this informative hour of understanding and overcoming challenges that typically create hurdles in complying with TJC mandate.


  • Learn why OPPE is important; it’s not just for TJC
  • Understand current Barriers
  • Receive information on steps necessary to complete OPPE
  • Gain recommendations for physician "buy-in"
  • Ask questions of an expert in the field of OPPE
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Length: 60 minutes
CEUs and ASQ RUs: None
Seminar Fee: FREE   

Dr. Christopher Heller, MD, FACS