“As someone new to quality, it was great exposure to new quality ideas and other quality professionals.”

“Forces you to think outside the box and it has widened my view of quality.”

“Great experience, networking, exposure to new ideas, or different twists on old ideas.

“ASQ is teaching people how to think in a logical and rigorous way, and companies can benefit a lot by attending the conference.”

“I think it is one of the best conferences in terms of real-life applicability of the information.”

“It is a great opportunity to learn and see what the rest of the world is thinking.”

“They (keynote speakers) were all very inspiring people, who provided a feeling of joy and of hope. I was very motivated to do other things in life and be a better person from hearing them.”

2016 World Conference on
Quality and Improvement
May 16 – 18, 2016  |  Milwaukee, WI